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Advent eLearning gets lives back on track leaving legal issues behind

Advent eLearning has been changing peoples’ lives for over 15 years. Our courses are utilized by thousands each month as part of an assigned diversion, to satisfy a sanction reducing charges, or as part of a probationary agreement. Advent’s cognitive-based material helps individuals get on track and puts their legal issues in the past. Our catalog of over 30 online, evidence-based courses are professionally created and accepted by courts and agencies across the country. Most of our courses are either 4 or 8 hours long and can be browser-translated so students can complete material in the language they choose. The accompanying video further explains what to expect from our courses.

If you are an agency looking to refer students to courses or take advantage of the workflow automation Advent eLearning offers, contact us, we’d love to share more information. Today, over 300 criminal justice agencies across the US directly refer Advent eLearning courses to their eligible defendants or offenders. They choose to use our courses because they can effectively track and manage the processes associated with offering alternative programs.

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