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Advent eLearning

Advent eLearning provides evidence-based online treatment that is available any time and anywhere you have an internet connection. Advent eLearning provides efficiencies to agencies using it while helping those who need it.

  • Over 30 evidence-based programs to choose from

  • Delivers and manages online education that addresses first-time and low-level offenses

  • Lowers recidivism rates

  • End-to-end management from registration to completion

  • Robust reporting

Over 30 evidence-based courses are used and accepted by hundreds of prosecutors, judges, police and probation officers across the US to fulfill pre-trial or court requirements.

eLearning is the perfect alternative for first-time as well as low and mid-level offenders. The positive preventive experience can give offenders a new beginning to a better, more socially responsible life.

eLearning‘s main objective is to deliver convenient, self-directed education for use by individuals who want to show they have taken the initiative to correct the behaviors responsible for trouble in their lives. Advent eLearning is a cloud-based platform providing efficiencies to agencies that use it and help to those who need it.

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