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The all-in-one platform that helps you automate & manage any alternative program

Perfect solution where diversion, disposals or other sanctions are appropriate

Over 30 expert -created, behavior-changing courses shown to lower recidivism

Manages process including registration, fee handling & document upload/verification


Eliminates much of the manual steps necessary to offering alternative programs


Used by Prosecutors, Pre-Trial Probation, Judges, Officers, and others in over 500 agencies


Behavior-Changing Courses

Diversion Workflow Management



& Monitoring





The many ways to use Advent eLearning

AeL Direct

Advent eLearning DIRECT allows you to refer someone to a course with ease! Simply select a course and provide participants name, email or moblie and a referral will be sent to the participant.

Your referral will recieve an electronic certificate that can be sent to you.

Advent eLearning INSIGHT gives you the ease of Direct but with additional features like:​

AeL Insight

  • Multiple enrollment options

  • Email/text notifications

  • Electronically receive certs

  • Track and report on activity

It's FREE and easy to set up! Sign up for your cases or on behalf of an agency.

Advent eLearning FLOW

is for Agencies that not only need courses but also help with the overall workflow of their alternative justice programs.

Fortunately, Advent eLearning can help by adding automation, management and oversight to your planned or existing programs.

AeL Flow

Over 30 evidence-based, behavior-changing courses. Available everywhere. Anytime. Online.

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