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One complete source for your diversion needs

Education Before Incarceration

Options are important when it comes to first time offenders, juveniles and cases requiring special consideration. Advent eLearning provides a complete resource allowing the option to use education before incarceration without cumbersome diversion solutions that require you to manage, certify and collect payments using low-quality programs.


Advent’s online diversion program provides a complete package for management, high quality online education experiences, certification, and payment that actually provides your agency with a profit center. The positive preventive experience can give offenders a new beginning to a more responsible life. Offenders avoid incarceration, keeping them from being confined with, and influenced by, hardened criminals. 


Program Management Made Easy

Program management tools couldn’t be easier to use. Our administrative tools provide agencies an efficient platform to monitor progress, create reports, and fully manage participants. Assigning agencies are able to enroll individuals directly in courses or to allow them to self-enroll to illustrate accountability. Using Advent’s unique Course Link, assigning agencies can text a registration link directly to those who qualify, making it even easier for students to enroll. 


Online Offender Payment

and Certification

Assigned offenders make payments online as they enter the eLearning platform with automated matching of the payment history, performance and certification of completion tracked by individual every step of the way. Agencies also have the ability to track and monitor community service, probation, auto insurance and restitution electronically, rather than dealing with inefficient and cumbersome paper-trails. 

Advent eLearning also offers an audit trail of cases and reporting to measure the success of each program, streamlining administrative functions so agency personnel can concentrate on their primary responsibility of accountability and changing behavior. 

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