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Behavior-Changing, Online Interventions Appropriate for Court Ordered Diversions and Sanctions

Courts and Judges need highly effective resources for delivering education instead of incarceration as alternative sentencing or diversions for misdemeanor offenses.

Advent eLeaning provides over 30 online diversion courses proven to be effective in reducing recidivism. Our online platform is easy to use and requires no commitment. It can be provided at low, or no cost to the court, and delivers the robust life re-directing education experience offenders need with the certification of successful completion you require.

We deliver simple to use diversion and alternative sentencing solutions designed to streamline the management of cases. Evidence-based courses are easy for offenders to access from anywhere on any internet connected device.

Advent eLearning assures participants are receiving consistent messaging, and because they can take courses online at any time, court dockets don’t require adjusting due to offenders’ personal circumstances.

Contact Advent eLearning today to schedule a free demonstration and to learn more about our all-in-one platform that helps you automate and manage any alternative program.

Here is an example of how your agency might utilize the eLearning platform.

“Just letting you know that this program is the best thing since sliced bread!  We have such good responses with it.  It takes a little time and effort to put into the system, and then the rest is like magic.  So many people are taking advantage of the opportunity, it’s wonderful.”

Jan McDonald

Clerk of Court, Walker City Mayor’s Court, LA

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