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Offense Specific Online Interventions

Other platforms provide cookie cutter solutions to offender diversion programs. The Advent eLearning approach different. Our eLearning programs are evidence-based expert created, cognitive based courses built to address offenses and the thinking and behaviors surrounding them directly.


Advent eLearning programs are written and produced by subject matter experts with years of experience in education, phycology, and legal decision making. These experts bring their experience to bear on the specific offense each program addresses providing the most effective learning experiences and the best long-term behavior changing outcomes.


Our online eLearning programs are cognitive based addressing the thought process that can lead to poor and impulsive decision making. It focuses on how students face the challenges we all have in our lives and the choices we might make when dealing with them by providing strategies for altering negative behaviors.


Offenses are discussed specifically while presenting activities that are useful when facing challenges, choices, and changes including learning, being, living, knowing, choosing and doing.

“Advent saves me a lot of time.  I don’t have to send out letters.  I don’t have to enter a lot of stuff in the computer.  It was really easy to get started.  Here’s the impressive thing…the feedback we get from defendants after doing the online course and test is amazing.  They actually like taking it!

Shane Bourgeois

Investigator – 20th JDC Louisiana, East / West Feliciana Parishes

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