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End-to-End Management of Prosecutor-Lead Diversions and Other Intervention Programs

Advent eLeaning understands the complexities and heavy workflow of the office of the prosecutor. That’s why we deliver simple to use diversion and alternative sentencing solutions designed to streamline the management of cases and the delivery of courses that have a proven record of reducing offender recidivism rates.

Managing complex traffic and/or misdemeanor programs is a snap with the Advent eLearning platform. With over 30 behavior changing courses Advent fulfills pre-trial and court requirements while providing you with screening and approval, case tracking and monitoring, payment processing, reporting, and communications tools including mail, email, and SMS messaging.

You can even integrate custom materials and program codes when needed. With Advent eLearning you will receive notifications of offender milestones every step of the way, and you can add program fees reducing or eliminating any cost to your agency.

Contact Advent eLearning today to schedule a free demonstration and to learn more about our all-in-one platform that helps you automate and manage any alternative program.

Here is an example of how your agency might utilize the eLearning platform.

“One of the things we like most about Advent eLearning is that it lets us know where we stand with defendants and their diversion because the reporting functions are outstanding.  Best of all, we maintain control.  And dealing with Advent has been a pleasure.  They’re totally responsive to our needs.”

Lance Richardson

State Attorney – Queen Anne’s County, MD

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