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Screening and Approval

With Advent eLearning you benefit from convenient and time saving services like our participant screening and approval process. We start by providing a custom URL that connects offenders directly to an application website.


Once on the site, participants enter information into forms that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Document upload fields can be displayed based on the Agency Program that’s being utilized. You can also choose to assess an application fee that must be paid for submitting.


Applications submitted by participants are available for agencies to evaluate in the Agency Review Portal. Here you can see applications and documents submitted to approve or decline the student to move forward. The review includes:

  • Pending applications

  • Assignments to review applications and input documents attached to the assignment

  • Mark applications for approval

  • Decline applications


Applicants will be notified if they have been approved or declined. Those who are approved will be assigned the appropriate programming within their pre-built intervention program.

“Advent saves me a lot of time.  I don’t have to send out letters.  I don’t have to enter a lot of stuff in the computer.  It was really easy to get started.  Here’s the impressive thing…the feedback we get from defendants after doing the online course and test is amazing.  They actually like taking it!

Shane Bourgeois

Investigator – 20th JDC Louisiana, East / West Feliciana Parishes

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