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This program teaches students behavioral driving techniques to improve driving attitudes, avoid aggressive drivers, and improve driving performance in common scenarios such as distracted, inclement and other hazardous conditions.

This behavioral-based instructional coursework is appropriate for wide variety of common moving and vehicle code violations.


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Teaches you to improve driving skills by improving driving attitudes and habits

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Helps you learn to share the road with aggressive drivers

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Improves driving performance in common scenarios

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Teaches behavioral best practices for driving in a variety of hazardous conditions

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Gold Cross Safety Corporation



One of the nation’s leading designers and developers of behavioral driving courses for leading U.S. companies. Gold Cross SmartDriver® and S.A.F.E. Fleet courses have been used by millions of Americans for over 25 years to become better, safer drivers.

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"I am really pleased with your company. I think you do great work and I have openly said so to other prosecutors in the State and suggested that they utilize your services."

Eric M. Hoffman
Prosecuting Attorney - Delaware County, IN



What you will learn from this course

1. The Average Ticket Getter

2. Stress, Choice and Driving Habits

3. Driving Attitude and Behavior

4. Tailgating and Speeding

5. Traffic Control Devices

6. Lane and Space Violations

7. Impaired Drivers

8. Distracted Drivers

9. Talking and Texting

10. Drowsy Driving

11. Parking and Backing

12. Driving in the Rain

13. Driving in the Fog

14. Road Hazards

15. Pedestrians and Bicyclists

16. Final Review & Next Steps

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