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Advent eLearning provides your office everything under the sun

Advent eLearning serves as a complete management system overseeing all aspects of your online diversion programs. Our system fully tracks, monitors, and manages the student experience including:

Offense-Specific Online Interventions

Our eLearning programs are expert created, evidence based courses built to address offenses directly.

Local Resource Integration

Our platform provides agencies with the tools to assign participants external tasks and verify completion through document uploads. These documents can include diversion agreements, community service logs, counseling sessions and more.

Workflow Management

Our unmatched administrative platform fully tracks, monitors, and manages participants through the entire process.

Screening and Approval

Advent allows you to screen and approve applications online, reducing time and effort spent reviewing each case.

Case Tracking and Auditin

We give you the ability to report on cases with up to the minute accuracy anytime and from anywhere.

Payment Processing

We are an authorized merchant services agent for First American Payment Systems, and are a fully audited Third Party Payment Processor for government agencies. We guarantee secure and accurate payment processing.

Reporting and Analytics

The Advent eLearning platform provides a full suite of reporting and analytics tools so you can have the information you need from the micro-level of an individual case to the macro-level of auditing your entire eLearning initiative, and everything in-between.

Mail, Email, and SMS Communications

Advent integrates mail, email and even SMS messaging to reach participants wherever they can be found.

With over 25 offense-specific online treatment programs, Advent eLearning offers the convenient, self-directed behavior changing programs you can rely on for the best outcomes lowering recidivism and redirecting negative behaviors. Our evidence-based online treatment is available anywhere from and internet connected device.

The Advent eLearning platform is designed to make your life easier by managing interventions from end-to-end. We handle mail, email, and SMS communications with offenders, screening and approval, payment processing, case tracking, and reporting freeing time and resources at your agency.

To learn more about Advent distance treatment programs and eLearning management platform, including demonstrations and reviews of our content, please email us today at or contact your AdventFS sales representative. For a complete catalog of online programs, visit

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