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Advent eLearning tracks and audits cases providing you the information you need when you need it

When questions arise about a participant or specific case, the current status of a case is needed, or history about your eLearning program is requested, Advent eLearning has you covered.

Advent eLearning constantly and automatically audits each-and-every case that enters our eLearning system giving you the ability to report on cases with up to the minute accuracy anytime and from anywhere there is an internet connection.

The Advent eLearning platform integrates easy to use search capabilities allowing you to get to the case and the information you need fast. It provides you with an up-to-date history of cases instantly along with the ability to track progress and run reports whenever needed.

We understand the importance of being able to access information when and where you need it and have built our platform with this key ingredient in mind. Our case tracking and auditing has been created to be easy to use, accurate and fast, allowing you to get exactly the information you need, when you need it.

Agencies need reliable programs they can count on to change behaviors and to reduce recidivism, Advent eLearning courses include content addressing a variety of topics including:

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Anger Management

Animal Care

Boating & Outdoors


Conflict Resolution

Corrective Thinking

Defensive Driving

Financial Crimes

Firearm Responsibility


Hunting Responsibility

Impaired Driving

Juvenile Sexting

Life Skills




Revenge Porn



Traffic Safety


Underage Substance

Victim Impact Panel

If you are interested in developing new alternative sentencing and diversion options for your agency’s clients you can review Advent eLearning programs with no costs or obligations for your organization. Reach out today for a trial account, a guided demonstration, or for more information on our programs. Email Learn more at

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