How to Pass Your Traffic Safety Course Online

When you are convicted of a minor traffic violation, you may be eligible to complete a court-approved driver safety course instead of paying fines or serving jail time. If you meet the eligibility requirements and complete your traffic school course within the required timeframe, the court will typically dismiss your ticket with no further penalties. The main benefit of completing a traffic school course is that it will keep points from appearing on your driving record. Having too many points can lead to another costly traffic violation in the future.

Eligibility requirements

In the United States, each state has its own traffic school eligibility requirements. Typically, traffic school is only available to drivers with minor violations (e.g., speeding, running a red light, etc.). Drivers with major violations (e.g., reckless driving, driving under the influence, etc.) are not eligible for traffic school. You may also be ineligible if you are currently in a safety program or if you have recently completed another driver safety course. For the most up-to-date information about your eligibility and to find a course near you, contact your local court.

Before you sign up

Before you sign up for a traffic safety course, make sure you meet the eligibility requirements and know the cost and logistics of completing the course, such as how long it will take and how you will report your completion. If you don’t meet the eligibility requirements, there may be a way to get retroactively approved for traffic school. Contact your local court to see if this is an option. You will likely need to pay a fee to complete a traffic school program. Traffic school fees vary depending on your state and the course you take. Since you will likely need to take the course during your free time, make sure you have enough free time to complete the course.

Online and Classroom Courses

Most traffic safety courses are offered as an online course or in a classroom setting. Both types of courses are designed to help you understand and avoid the types of violations that lead to traffic tickets in the first place. In general, online and classroom courses cover the same topics, such as road rules and safe driving techniques. Opting for the convenience of an online course makes good sense

Advent eLearning Traffic Safety Courses

Keep in mind that the goal of traffic school is to help you avoid future tickets. In general, completing a traffic safety course will help you avoid future tickets by improving your driving knowledge, awareness, and skill set. Advent eLearning provides online traffic safety courses that are court-approved and provide certification upon successful completion. Click here to register for your class today.

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