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Jump Links Take Platform Navigation to New Heights

Updated: Jan 15

The Advent eLearning platform has recently been updated with a number of adjustments designed to expand functionality and to improve our user experience providing a more intuitive interface, better consistency, and quick access to key platform functionality. AeL users will see a simplified platform with visual updates that improve efficiency and ease of use. One of our major updates to the user interface is the addition of jump links on the homepage. Jump links reduce clutter on the homepage and help improve the ability to quickly navigate to key platform functionality requiring less navigation interaction and fewer clicks. Agency users can access buttons at the top of the homepage allowing them to “jump” to tables of information including:

  • Pending Applications

  • Pending Validations

  • Pending Dispositions

  • Reinstatements

Advent eLearning is constantly evolving our platform as we respond to the needs of the Agencies we serve. It’s our mission to make the management of your diversion and alternative sentencing programs as easy as possible. Contact Advent today to learn more about our full-service diversion management package, more recent updates to our platform, and the many Advent eLearning programs available to address a wide range of behaviors. Agencies need reliable programs they can count on to change behaviors and to reduce recidivism, Advent eLearning courses include content addressing a variety of topics including: Alcohol & Substance Abuse Anger Management Animal Care Boating & Outdoors Bullying Conflict Resolution Corrective Thinking Defensive Driving Financial Crimes Firearm Responsibility Harassment Hunting Responsibility Impaired Driving Juvenile Sexting Life Skills Marijuana Parenting Prostitution Revenge Porn Shoplifting Theft Traffic Safety Underage Substance Victim Impact Panel If you are interested in developing new alternative sentencing and diversion options for your agency’s clients, you can review Advent eLearning programs with no costs or obligations for your organization. Reach out today for a trial account, a guided demonstration, or for more information on our programs. Email Learn more at #elearning #adventelearning #adventfs #diversions #onlinediversion #prosecutor #alternativesentencing #defenseattorney #criminaljustice

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