Tehama County offender diversion program shows high level of success


PUBLISHED: March 17, 2022 at 6:35 p.m. | UPDATED: March 17, 2022 at 6:37 p.m.

RED BLUFF — A program to divert low-level offenders from criminal proceedings has shown an impressive success rate in its first year.

The Tehama County District Attorney’s Office issued a press release Thursday detailing the results and efficiency of the AdventFS eLearning diversion program that first launched in November 2020.

The program is designed for low level, non-violent offenders to offer a diversion before or after a formal filing of criminal charges. Those who do not complete the program revert to normal criminal court proceedings.

Of the 40 offenders that utilized the program in the last year, 27 successfully completed it, 12 failed to complete it and one is still enrolled, the release said. The program yielded a 67.5 percent overall success rate during its first year.

The results state of the 27 offenders who successfully completed the program, 24 had no negative law enforcement contact since completing the program, resulting in a 88.9 percent subsequent success rate among successful program participants.

“The results show that over two-thirds of the offenders we put into AdventFS took advantage of the program and that almost 90 percent of the successful participants have had no subsequent negative law enforcement contact,” District Attorney Matt Rogers said. “This is exactly the point and purpose of this program — to give low level, first-time offenders the opportunity to correct their behavior and get back on the right path.”

According to Rogers, his office will continue to implement the program based on its proven success, offering updates to the public as time passes.

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