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The Dangers of Shoplifting: What You Need to Know

When you shoplift something, you’re not just breaking the rules of that store or place of business. You’re also putting yourself in serious danger as well as making things more difficult for those who sell their services to people. It is important to understand the dangers of shoplifting, so you know what you are risking if you make that decision. If you are caught shoplifting, there could be some very serious consequences. Depending on the circumstances and location where it happened, it could even result in time in prison and a criminal record. Even if it seems like a minor thing, there can be repercussions that last for years — sometimes even an entire lifetime. Here is why you should think twice before stealing anything ever again.

Know the Law and Its Consequences

One of the biggest reasons not to shoplift is that it is against the law in every state, and the consequences are very real. Just one shoplifting conviction can cause a big hit to your resume and your ability to get a job or even get into certain schools. You also risk having your driver’s license suspended, fines, and even time in jail. Some states have “second degree” or “third degree” shoplifting charges, which means you could face even harsher penalties. If you are caught shoplifting, you could also be charged with trespassing if the store has a policy about not letting you in. If you are a minor, the law is a bit different, with special rules for things like how much time you could face in juvenile detention and the ability for your parents to be notified. Even one conviction can have lasting effects, and an arrest could lead to more problems down the line.

Shoplifting Could Be a Pre-Cursor to Other Crimes

One of the biggest dangers of shoplifting is that it could lead to other crimes that could cause you some serious problems. It is even common for shoplifters to be involved in other types of crime, including burglary and drug dealing. Some studies have shown that people who engage in shoplifting are more likely to commit other crimes later in life. If you have a history of shoplifting, some employers might not want to hire you, especially if they find out about it. This could make it difficult to get work and support yourself. If you are caught shoplifting or commit another crime, you might also have trouble traveling outside of the country.

You Are Endangering Those Who Sell Goods

Another serious danger of shoplifting is that it could hurt the people who need to sell goods to make a living. Obviously, most stores will have rules about not shoplifting, but if enough people do it, it can put those people out of business. If it happens enough, stores may decide to close, which means fewer jobs available for people. Most store owners are honest people who are just trying to make a living. When you shoplift from them, you are taking money away from them that they need to support their family. There are also other ways that shoplifting can hurt store owners. For example, they may need to spend more money on things like security guards or cameras. This could mean fewer hours for employees and less money in their paychecks. It could also mean higher taxes for store owners, which means less money for things like schools, hospitals, and parks in your community.

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