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The Importance of Court-Ordered Anger Management Classes

Updated: Jan 15

Court-ordered anger management classes are not uncommon today. You may know someone who has completed these courses recently or may be required to complete them in the future. This article explains why people need anger management classes, what goes on in these sessions and what makes them helpful for those who need to learn better ways of managing their anger as well as stressors in life.

What are Court-Ordered Anger Management Classes?

Court-ordered anger management classes are designed to help people who struggle with managing anger or who have been accused of inappropriate outbursts. The classes are not limited to people who have been charged with a crime, but they do often include police officers, attorneys, judges, and other community members who need better ways to deal with stressful situations. People who are required to attend court-ordered anger management classes may have been charged with domestic violence, assault, disturbing the peace, or other similar offenses. However, others may be required to attend anger management classes as part of a divorce settlement or as part of a sentence for a traffic violation, like a DUI.

Why Are There Court-Ordered Anger Management Classes?

There are a variety of reasons why a court may require someone to attend anger management classes. The main reason courts order this type of class is because they want to help people learn better ways to manage challenging situations and emotions, including anger and stress. People who struggle with managing anger often hurt themselves and others. Anger can lead to outbursts, road rage, and even violent crime. When people are charged with a crime or if they are involved in a divorce and have anger issues, a court may order anger management classes. The goal of court-ordered anger management classes is to help people identify their triggers, develop new ways to cope with difficult emotions, and learn better communication skills.

What Helps People Learn from Court-Ordered Anger Management Classes?

Court-ordered anger management classes are helpful because participating can help people learn how to identify their triggers and what stimulates their feelings, identify ways to calm themselves down, better manage emotions, improve communication skills, and understand how certain situations can become stressful and trigger anger.


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