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Reporting and Analytics

The Advent eLearning platform provides a full suite of reporting and analytics tools so you can have the information you need from the mico-level of an individual case to the macro-level of auditing your entire eLearning initiative, and everything in-between.


Advent eLearning constantly and automatically audits each case that enters our system giving you the ability to report on cases with up to the minute accuracy anytime and from anywhere there is an internet connection.


The platform also allows you to run pre-set and custom reports concerning your diversion or alternative sentencing program. You can get quick views of information on your dashboard or take deeper dives to understand:

  • How many students are enrolled

  • How many have completed the program

  • Payments collected

  • Outstanding payments

  • Uncompleted students

  • Course fails with invitations for renewal

  • Much more


The Advent eLearning platform integrates easy to use search capabilities allowing you to get to the information you need fast. It provides you with an up-to-date history of cases instantly along with the ability to track progress and run reports whenever needed.

“Advent saves me a lot of time.  I don’t have to send out letters.  I don’t have to enter a lot of stuff in the computer.  It was really easy to get started.  Here’s the impressive thing…the feedback we get from defendants after doing the online course and test is amazing.  They actually like taking it!

Shane Bourgeois

Investigator – 20th JDC Louisiana, East / West Feliciana Parishes

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