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Traffic Program

Build Your Traffic Program from Our Flexible Options

Advent’s Traffic Program is a comprehensive platform that increases efficiencies within your organization. Our program is designed to allow prosecutors and courts to handle diversions, dismissals, reductions or deferrals for qualified defendants as positive prevention experiences filling the gap between ticket forgiveness and court. It provides a valuable alternative to state traffic school and clears your docket of many traffic offenses. The program can even provide an additional fee revenue stream augmenting your budget while costing you nothing to implement. Drivers like it because they can apply and pay online, take the course, and pass the test from the comfort of their own homes, avoiding any further penalties or contact with the criminal justice system. Our program significantly improves defendants’ bad driving habits making your jurisdiction a safer place to travel. 

Flexibility to Meet Your Unique Needs


Outreach to defendants

Online application eliminates paper

Fee handling


Ability to choose length of course online


Task completion emails

Legal paperwork for reductions, dismissals etc.

The Power of eLearning

Our Traffic Program is part of Advent eLearning, our web-based platform allowing prosecutors and courts to efficiently manage and track the successful completion of behavior modification courses and other assignments. It provides an agency-wide view of program progress for individuals including who has paid. It can even generate reports to show its effectiveness and track demographic data points. Additionally, Advent eLearning offers over 25 online, evidence based, offense specific courses to assign for almost any case that comes across your desk.

  • Clearing the docket of less serious offenses

  • Providing a more efficient and consistent way to handle cases
    Reducing the amount of contact an agency has with a defendant

  • Processing applications online, which means:
        - No more opening mail, handling paperwork manually, etc.

           - No more producing your own legal paperwork

  • Providing an audit trail of cases and funds collection

  • Providing supplemental funds for budgetary needs

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