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Workflow management

Agencies tasked with the implementation of diversion and alternative sentencing programs face the challenge of staying on top of all the details from communications with offenders, to handling applications, screening, approval, offender participation, payment processing, certification and more. All these steps along the way can create a real challenge just trying to stay on top of it all.


Advent eLearning has the solution. Our unmatched administrative platform fully tracks, monitors, and manages students through the entire administrative workflow. We communicate with offenders from the beginning and throughout the process while keeping you up to date with an easy to interpret dashboard and drill down to individual cases as needed.


Advent eLearning clients can also use the platform to manage and track offline requirements and conditions as part of overall management of diversion or alternate sentence programs. The system now allows defendants to upload proof documents on the system website that agency users review to verify those defendants completed an intervention program requirement that took place outside of the eLearning platform. These document types can include diversion or sentencing agreements, community service logs, completion certificates from group therapy sessions or clinician visits, drug test results, and more. Agency personnel receive email notifications when a document upload is completed by a defendant.


Advent eLearning moves students through the steps required for them to fulfill their obligations including payment processing, online education programs and certification of completion. We even integrate with existing plea, dismissal, and other forms and filings. Advent reporting provides a complete record for review at any time, every step of the way.


Remove the headaches and wasted time and resources involved with trying to manage the wide-ranging details of diversion and alternative sentencing programs. Rely on Advent to manage all the workflow smoothly and seamlessly.

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