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Perfect solution where diversion or sanctions are appropriate

Convenient, self-directed and behavior changing with accountability

Over 20 expert created, cognitive based courses to address multiple offenses

Proven to lower recidivism rates

Unmatched administrative platform to fully track, monitor and manage the student experience

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Evidence-based Courses Offered

Anger Management

The Anger Management Program helps students to understand what constitutes healthy anger and how to change their anger responses so they are under control. They’ll learn what triggers their out-of-control responses and how to diffuse them before they become dangerous.

Available in Level I and Level II

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

The Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program helps students to understand their own attraction to alcohol and drugs and how to break the chain of decisions that lead to abuse.

Available in Level I and Level II

Animal Care

The Animal Care Program provide students general knowledge of animal laws and how they apply to animal cruelty, hoarding and other ownership issues.

Boating & Outdoors

The Boating & Outdoors Program helps students understand the general laws and regulations governing boating as well as how to conduct themselves in any wilderness excursions.


The Bullying Program defines the difference between bullying and conflict, the uses of internet to further increase problems through cyber-bullying, and the many ways students can help diminish the issue and improve themselves to handle bullying situations.

Corrective Thinking

The Corrective Thinking Program help students take an inventory of their learning and lifestyle to better understand their current situation and to evaluate and face the challenges life presents.

Corrective Thinking
Conflict Resolution

The Conflict Resolution Program helps students to understand conflict truths that are present in every fight, argument, and situation. They’ll learn the problems that can hinder conflict resolution from body language to the use of technology.

Defensive Driving

The Defensive Driving Program teaches students behavioral driving techniques to improve driving attitudes, avoid aggressive drivers, and improve driving performance in common scenarios such as distracted, inclement and other hazardous conditions.

Defensive Driving
Financial Responsibility

The Financial Responsibility Program provides general knowledge for students of managing their personal finances including impact of bad check writing on the offender and society, check book balancing, budgeting and financial planning.

Financial Responsibility

This program covers in-person and online harassment, its relation to stalking and bias/hate crimes, victim impacts and steps to accountability.

Impaired Driving

The Impaired Driving Program gives students information about impaired driving and teaches them how to recognize and overcome alcohol and substance use and abuse issues. 

Hunting Responsibility

The Hunting Responsibility Program helps students to understand how each state has its own set of laws governing hunting and their responsibility to know them. It gives them practical direction for all phases of hunting – before, during and after.

Hunting Responsibility
Firearm Responsibility

The Firearm Responsibility Program gives students information about firearm laws, teaches them how to safely handle and store firearms, and to recognize and change potential anger issues. 

Firearms Responsibility
Juvenile Sexting

The Juvenile Sexting Program teaches juveniles about sexting, cyberbullying, online privacy, and revenge porn. The course covers the deeper issues behind these problems, including consent, sexual violence, and objectification.

Life Skills.jpg
Life Skills

The Life Skills Program teaches you about laws, how to improve your outlook and self-worth, how to live a healthier life, skills for communications and conflict resolution, and how to recognize and avoid making risky decisions. 


The Parenting Program teaches parenting best practices and styles, child development and temperament, caring for children’s physical needs, the importance of structure and routine, and child discipline.

Revenge Porn

The Revenge Porn Program teaches adults about online abuse and revenge porn. The course covers the deeper issues behind these problems, including masculinity norms, consent, and objectification and encourages students to take accountability for their behaviors.


The Theft Program helps students to understand the nature of theft offenses both in classification and penalties, to realize the victim and societal impacts of these crimes, and to learn ways to change the behaviors that led to their committing a theft offense.

Available in Level I and Level II


The Truancy Program helps students to understand their own motivations for skipping school and help them change their way of thinking about the importance of earning their diploma.

Victim Impact Panel

The Victim Impact Panel is an online education unit designed to demonstrate potential victim impacts to alcohol and substance offenders. It will allow students to witness the story of one individual who made a very bad decision to drive after drinking and the horrific consequences of that decision. 


The Marijuana Program his assigned to students for possession violations and probation sanctions. They’ll learn to think critically about marijuana so they can make decisions that reflect what is best for their life.

Available in Level I and Level II

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Prostitution (John School)

The Prostitution Program teaches adult defendants laws related to prostitution, potential health risks of commercial sex activity, and root causes of sexual violence and human sex trafficking..


The Shoplifting Program gives students mechanisms to understand the urge they feel to steal and adopt a fundamental approach to changing their behavior.

Traffic Safety

The Traffic Safety Program provides students with an advantage, to demonstrate the most common aggressive driving scenarios and what to do about them.

Traffic Safety
Underage Alcohol & Substance Abuse

The Underage Alcohol & Substance Abuse Program helps students to learn the physiological and social consequences of using alcohol and other common substances and resources available for help.

Underage Alcohol & Substance Abuse

A Cloud-based Course Management Platform

  • Access Anywhere

  • Admin or Self Enroll

  • SMS Student Messaging

  • Probation Monitoring

  • Insurance Monitoring

  • Community Service

  • Restitution

  • Unmatched Reporting

  • Track Student Progress

  • Audit Trail of Cases

eLearning Lowers

Recidivism Rates

eLearning is the perfect alternative for first-time as well as low and mid-level offenders. The positive preventive experience can give offenders a new beginning to a better, more socially responsible life.

eLearning‘s main objective is to deliver convenient, self-directed education for use by individuals who want to show they have taken the initiative to correct the behaviors responsible for trouble in their lives. Advent eLearning is a cloud-based platform providing efficiencies to agencies that use it and help to those who need it. The platform offers access from anywhere at any time on any device.

  • Only 25.7% of those completing an Advent online CBT class were rearrested for any offense within two years.

  • The three-year rearrest rate was 31.6% and the five-year rate was 34.3%.

  • Only 15.5% of those who took an Advent CBT course were rearrested within five years.

  • These rates were much lower than published reincarceration rates in Kentucky

Traffic Program

Advent’s Traffic Program is designed to allow prosecutors and courts to handle diversions, dismissals, reductions, or deferrals for qualified defendants as positive prevention experiences. It provides a valuable alternative to state traffic school and clears your docket of many traffic offenses filling the gap between ticket forgiveness and court while costing you nothing.


Restorative Justice

Advent’s Restorative Justice program holds offenders accountable with a chance to repair the damage they’ve done. The Advent eLearning platform is much more than just a learning management system. It also includes a full suite of case management features to keep your restorative justice programs on track.

Our online suite allows your office to manage and monitor diversions and probation cases with:

  • Community Service Monitoring

  • Auto Insurance Monitoring

  • Victim Restitution

  • Probation Monitoring

Jenny Oldham, County Attorney, Hardin County, KY

Advent eLearning works in the Real World

Take it from Sarah DeMiller, Assistant District Attorney for Oneida County, New York. Her first-hand experience with Advent eLearning programs and the positive effect they have had on her community tells a compelling story about why you should be considering Advent for your District Attorney's office. Online diversions are an appropriate and just way to resolve cases and have been proven to have a wide range of positive effects when implemented.

Sarah DeMiller, Assistant District Attorney Oneida County, NY


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