Evidence-based online treatment.

Available anytime. Anywhere.

Perfect solution where diversion or sanctions are appropriate

Convenient, self-directed and behavior changing with accountability

Over 20 expert created, cognitive based courses to address multiple offenses

Proven to lower recidivism rates

Unmatched administrative platform to fully track, monitor and manage the student experience

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Evidence-based Courses Offered

Anger Management
Alcohol & Substance Abuse
Animal Care
Boating & Outdoors
Conflict Resolution
Corrective Thinking
Financial Responsibility
Hunting Responsibility
Juvenile Sexting
Life Skills.jpg
Life Skills
Prostitution copy.jpg
Prostitution (John School)
Revenge Porn
Traffic Safety
Underage Alcohol & Substance Abuse
Victim Impact Panel

A Cloud-based Course Management Platform

  • Access Anywhere

  • Admin or Self Enroll

  • SMS Student Messaging

  • Probation Monitoring

  • Insurance Monitoring

  • Community Service

  • Restitution

  • Unmatched Reporting

  • Track Student Progress

  • Audit Trail of Cases

eLearning Lowers

Recidivism Rates

eLearning is the perfect alternative for first-time as well as low and mid-level offenders. The positive preventive experience can give offenders a new beginning to a better, more socially responsible life.

eLearning‘s main objective is to deliver convenient, self-directed education for use by individuals who want to show they have taken the initiative to correct the behaviors responsible for trouble in their lives. Advent eLearning is a cloud-based platform providing efficiencies to agencies that use it and help to those who need it. The platform offers access from anywhere at any time on any device.

  • Only 25.7% of those completing an Advent online CBT class were rearrested for any offense within two years.

  • The three-year rearrest rate was 31.6% and the five-year rate was 34.3%.

  • Only 15.5% of those who took an Advent CBT course were rearrested within five years.

  • These rates were much lower than published reincarceration rates in Kentucky

Restorative Justice

Advent’s Restorative Justice program holds offenders accountable with a chance to repair the damage they’ve done. The Advent eLearning platform is much more than just a learning management system. It also includes a full suite of case management features to keep your restorative justice programs on track.

Our online suite allows your office to manage and monitor diversions and probation cases with:

  • Community Service Monitoring

  • Auto Insurance Monitoring

  • Victim Restitution

  • Probation Monitoring

Jenny Oldham, County Attorney, Hardin County, KY

Advent eLearning works in the Real World

Take it from Sarah DeMiller, Assistant District Attorney for Oneida County, New York. Her first-hand experience with Advent eLearning programs and the positive effect they have had on her community tells a compelling story about why you should be considering Advent for your District Attorney's office. Online diversions are an appropriate and just way to resolve cases and have been proven to have a wide range of positive effects when implemented.

Sarah DeMiller, Assistant District Attorney Oneida County, NY


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