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Life Skills

The Life Skills Program teaches you about laws, how to improve your outlook and self-worth, how to live a healthier life, skills for communications and conflict resolution, and how to recognize and avoid making risky decisions. 


The Parenting Program teaches parenting best practices and styles, child development and temperament, caring for children’s physical needs, the importance of structure and routine, and child discipline.


The Marijuana Program his assigned to students for possession violations and probation sanctions. They’ll learn to think critically about marijuana so they can make decisions that reflect what is best for their life.

Available in Level I and Level II

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Prostitution (John School)

The Prostitution Program teaches adult defendants laws related to prostitution, potential health risks of commercial sex activity, and root causes of sexual violence and human sex trafficking..

Revenge Porn

The Revenge Porn Program teaches adults about online abuse and revenge porn. The course covers the deeper issues behind these problems, including masculinity norms, consent, and objectification and encourages students to take accountability for their behaviors.


The Theft Program helps students to understand the nature of theft offenses both in classification and penalties, to realize the victim and societal impacts of these crimes, and to learn ways to change the behaviors that led to their committing a theft offense.

Available in Level I and Level II


The Shoplifting Program gives students mechanisms to understand the urge they feel to steal and adopt a fundamental approach to changing their behavior.

Traffic Safety

The Traffic Safety Program provides students with an advantage, to demonstrate the most common aggressive driving scenarios and what to do about them.

Traffic Safety

The Truancy Program helps students to understand their own motivations for skipping school and help them change their way of thinking about the importance of earning their diploma.

Underage Alcohol & Substance Abuse

The Underage Alcohol & Substance Abuse Program helps students to learn the physiological and social consequences of using alcohol and other common substances and resources available for help.

Underage Alcohol & Substance Abuse

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"The course makes you think about how you impact others lives. "

Tyson S, Louisiana

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