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Designed for General Misdemeanors

4 hours of content done at your own pace

Dr. Amy Smith

Digital certificate upon completion







Learning (Punishment & Deterrence)

Being (Positive Outlook | Self-Worth)

Living (Physical Activity | Sleep | Stress | Substance Use & Abuse | Financial Literacy)

Knowing (Communication Skills | Difficult Conversations & Conflict | Communication Challenges)

Doing (Final Review | Conclusions & Next Steps)

Choosing (Recognizing Bad Decisions | Changing Your Behavior | Values, Principles & Goals)

The Benefits

Of the Life Skills course to you

  • Helps you learn how to make positive changes that can improve how you live

  • Gives you ways to alter your destructive patterns of behavior and begin to address the problem

  • Can be taken in the comfort of your own home

  • Can be taken any time of day or night

Course Modules

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