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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I pay for the course online?
    To pay for the course online, you’ll need to select the brand of card you’re using, and enter your bankcard (debit) or credit card information. Please be sure to enter the Billing Address for your card (the address at which card statements are received), as incorrect address information may decline the transaction. If you do not have a bankcard or credit card, you can purchase a stored value card with the Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover logo on it to pay for the course. You will receive access to take the course immediately if you pay online.
  • How do I pay for the course by phone?
    To pay for the course by telephone, you’ll need to call our customer service center (866-494-8556) during business hours with your bankcard (debit) or credit card information. If you do not have a bankcard or credit card, you can purchase a stored value card with the Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover logo on it to pay for the course. Our telephone support hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 PM Eastern Time. You will receive access to take the course immediately if you pay by telephone.
  • How do I pay for the course by mail?
    You can pay for the course by mail, using a counter check or money order, to avoid paying convenience fees. Please contact our customer service center (866-494-8556) during business hours for more information.
  • Can I complete the program in more than one session?
    Yes, most of the online courses allow you to stop anytime during the program and later resume where you left off. Note, however, that you must resume the course from the same device (computer, tablet, smartphone) on which you started the course. If the course does not resume where you left off, please go back to and enter your username and password.
  • What devices can I use to take a course?
    Courses are designed to be taken on most any computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone running Windows, MAC OS, iOS, and Android operating systems. We’ve tested for compatibility with most major Internet browsers, including Safari, Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Your Internet connectivity should have at least DSL-level bandwidth to support quality video playback.
  • What proof do I get that I completed the course?
    The final page of each course will contain your score and the passing score. Please print this page for your records. If you provided an email address, you will receive a link to a certificate of completion that can be printed for your records as well.
  • Retrieving a Copy of Your Course Certificate
    To view, save or print a copy of your Course Certificates for your records, log into Advent eLearning and select the View Certificate button on the course box. Your certificate will open in a new browser window.
  • Are Hearing Impaired Courses Available?
    The Traffic Safety course is video-based and includes closed-captioning for the hearing impaired. To turn on closed-captioning, select the CC button on the video player of Traffic course. Most all other courses have limited audio requirements and can be completed by the hearing-impaired without additional assistance required.
  • Are Sight Impaired Courses Available?
    Advent eLearning courses are primarily text-based to allow for assistive technology compatibility, including with magnification and screen-reader applications for sight-impaired students.
  • Adding your Court/Clerk and Judge during registration (optional)?
    If you wish to have the name of your court/clerk and presiding judge appear on your Certificate of Completion, you can add that information when you register for a course. Simply enter the name of your court/clerk in the “Court/Clerk (optional)” field and the name of your judge in the “Judge (optional)” field. Those values will appear on your certificate when you successfully complete your course.
  • How much does this cost?
    All of our programs are typically participant funded and cost $50-$75.
  • How do I know if the person that I assigned to take the course is the one actually taking the course?
    Advent has the ability to capture student responses which can be used in post course assessment meetings between participants and their case workers.
  • How will I be notified if the participants don't successfully complete?
    Advent allows you to select which notifications that you want to receive so that you can configure how and when you are notified upon participants completing certain tasks. We have the ability to notify you upon participant registration, payment, when they begin their course, when they pass their course, and when they fail their course or if their course expires.
  • Who else is using this?
    eLearning is currently deployed in over 300 jurisdictions across the country, spread across 38+ states. Additionally, our client base includes prosecutors, courts, judges, probation, pretrial services, and community corrections agencies.
  • How do I get someone enrolled into your program?
    eLearning can be accessed through a self-registration model, whereby participants are directed to our site to enroll themselves. Also, the eLearning application can be accessed by our clients, which provides them with an administrator point of view. The eLearning application supports our clients with a number of administrative tools which helps them to operate their programs more efficiently.
  • How do I know if I have an account?
    A User ID and password would have been provided to you by email or mail if you’ve previously registered on this site, or if an agency (e.g. prosecutor, pre-trial, court, etc.) added the course for you. Please enter that information into the User ID and Password fields.
  • How do I recover my username and/or password?
    To recover your User ID and/or password, select the “Forgot your password?” Link below the Log In button. This will open a window to allow you to enter either your User ID or email address to have a password reset link emailed to you.
  • What do I select for “Course Medium” during registration?
    The Course Medium is the way you will take your course. The courses are designed for online delivery.
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