New York Traffic Program

Advent’s New York Traffic Reduction Program is an online instructional education course designed to teach traffic offenders safer driving habits.

The course is appropriate for a wide-variety of police, prosecutor and court-directed criminal justice applications, including declined or deferred prosecution, pre- and post-filing diversions, sentencing alternatives, and probation sanctions.


The citation holder is notified to visit a unique web address where defendants find information about how to apply for the program. Your agency is provided with a custom registration page used to collect information from the citation holder, and to upload a copy of their citation, driver’s abstract, insurance card and driver’s license. Access to the program is granted following payment and submission of the form. You are provided with a portal to run reports and access plea reduction forms, and to provide information to defendants and the courts.

Our system is designed to increase efficiency by reducing mail handling, paperwork, document production, phone calls, and dealing with walk-ins, all while increasing fee revenue for the agency. Prosecuting agencies avoid discovery on thousands of cases each year reducing dockets and caseloads and reducing the amount of time spent in court.

Increased Efficiency

The New York Traffic Reduction Program offers a platform for agencies to operate entirely online, eliminating the handling of mail and paper. The eLearning platform:

  • Offers an online platform for the defendant to fill out their application and upload necessary documentation

  • Accepts payment to participate in the reduction/diversion program and allows the defendant to complete an online driver education course

  • Allows the agency to review the application online and produce the plea reduction form within the system (paperlessly)

  • Disseminates the plea reduction form via email to the defendant to sign (and sends a copy of the signed document to the court to file)

Program Benefits

  • No more opening mail, handling paperwork manually, etcetera

  • No more producing your own legal documents and then having to print, stuff, and mail it back to the defendant

  • Reduces the amount of phone calls that an office receives

  • Reduces the amount of contact an agency has with a defendant, which means the agency can review applications on their own time, rather than taking walk-ins, calls, etc. at random

  • Increases fee revenue for the agency

ADDITIONALLY, New York state law now requires agencies to produce discovery to defendants regarding to their case within 15 days. Using our program eliminates having to do discovery on thousands of traffic cases each year reducing prosecuting agency's dockets, reducing caseloads, and reducing the amount of time spent in court.

Get Started

You can review the Advent eLearning New York Traffic Safety program and student management platform at no cost or obligation to your organization. Contact us today for a trial account or guided product demonstration.