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Advent eLearning: A Comprehensive Solution for OoCRs and OoCDs

Law enforcement in the United Kingdom is in need of a highly effective resources to deliver education as an alternative to incarceration to support their Out of Court Resolutions (OoCRs) and Out of Court Disposals (OoCDs) programmes. Advent eLearning offers police forces an efficient, accessible, and effective platform for managing these types of programmes. The platform's user-friendly interface and range of features are designed for law enforcement and criminal justice agencies to help conveniently and effectively resolve cases. This all-in-one platform provides agencies with the tools needed to manage OoCRs, from enrolment to treatment and documentation all with no commitment required and is provided at a low or no cost. By utilising this technology, agencies can streamline their processes and improve their service delivery, ultimately contributing to a safer and more just community.

Platform Tools for Efficient Management

Along with the platform's accessible interface it offers an expedited intake process with application functionality and customisable registration fields that collect the data your office needs. Agencies are also able to assign participants to specific officers, helping to ensure that notifications and tasks are sent to relevant stakeholders and not to every officer. Users are also able to customise the frequency and type of their notifications, allowing them to specify if they’d like to be notified of all participant activity, or when a course is started, passed or failed, if documents are uploaded, and more. And choosing if they would like to receive notifications in real time or in one daily list.

Advent eLearning provides clients with free programme enrolment materials. These materials, which are conveniently designed to be the size of business cards for easy storage and distribution, include step-by-step instructions to guide participants through the registration or application process, allowing officers to efficiently direct participants to the next step in the OoCR or OoCD process. By streamlining this process, officers can focus their time and energy on essential duties instead of guiding participants through the enrolment process.

Reporting Capabilities for Measuring Success

A key feature of the eLearning platform is the vast reporting capabilities. Users are able to run ad-hoc reports based a variety of criteria including demographic information, fields required during the registration process, programme outcomes and more. These reports can be exported to measure the success of programmes based on various criteria such as pass/fail ratios and offence type and can be used for internal analysation or included in public reports. This data-driven approach allows agencies to gain ongoing programme insights helping to ensure that each programme is functioning effectively and efficiently.

The Advent eLearning platform provides offices with more than just comprehensive behavioural modification courses, the efficient management tools and robust reporting capabilities are invaluable to any agency in the criminal justice system. These features not only help to improve the outcomes of OoCRs and OoCDs but also provide an efficient, accessible, and effective platform for administering and managing behaviour modifications. With Advent eLearning, agencies can streamline their processes, reduce administrative burdens, and focus more on fostering a safer community.

If your office requires a comprehensive resource for your OoCD or OoCR programme, consider Advent eLearning. Contact us today to schedule a free demonstration and learn more about our all-in-one platform.

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