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Advent Releases New Firearms Course

A new online Firearm Responsibility course is now available from Advent eLearning for use in criminal justice interventions, including prosecutor and court diversion and in plea and sentencing of firearm-related offenses.

The Firearm Responsibility course is a 4-hour evidence-based program covering firearm laws, statistics on firearm crimes, accidents and suicides, and responsible firearm use and storage training. The course also includes a full cognitive-behavioral based Anger Management curriculum from Dr. Amy Smith covering how to recognize signs of anger issues, and strategies for managing anger and diffusing confrontational situations.

The course is appropriate for most firearm misdemeanors, including carry, transport and transfer violations, as well as in many first-time felony firearm offender programs.

The new course is now available for use by all Advent eLearning clients. Please contact your Advent sales representative to activate these courses for your organization. If you’re not currently an Advent client and are interested in using this course in your organization, please contact your Advent sales representative or send us an email at

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