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The Importance of Security for Your Evidence Management System

In the current era of technological advancements, managing and utilizing digital evidence has become crucial for the successful prosecution of cases. The shift from physical to digital evidence, such as video files, images, and other documents, presents a new challenge: ensuring the secure storage, sharing, and accessibility of such evidence. This is where advanced evidence management systems like Advent eVidence (AeV) become paramount for prosecutors and district attorneys. AeV simplifies evidence management by offering a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform that allows your office to consolidate, organize, and prepare digital evidence.

Improved Security for Uploading and Sharing of Digital Evidence

With AeV the outdated methods of using CDs, DVDs, and thumb drives to share evidence are no longer necessary. AeV allows prosecutors to request evidence from multiple law enforcement agencies via secure links. Enabling other agencies to directly upload evidence files to the platform saves time that might have been spent traveling to each office to retrieve the files yourself. Giving your office more time to prepare for upcoming hearings and trials. This feature streamlines the evidence collection process, ensuring secure storage and maintaining evidence integrity. Once uploaded, Case Managers can immediately access the evidence, ensuring any new evidence is promptly acknowledged.

Vendor-Agnostic Platform for Seamless Integration

A unique feature of the AeV platform is its vendor-agnostic capabilities. Regardless of the number or variety of body-worn camera (BWC) vendors in your jurisdiction, AeV provides a unified collection point, promoting easy access and organization. This function enables seamless integration of all evidence into a single platform. Consolidating various forms of digital evidence into one central location is crucial for efficiently and effectively preparing criminal cases.

Superior Security with Cloud Storage

To maximize the security of your digital evidence, AeV stores all information on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This advanced platform supports user authentication via network protocols like Active Directory, eliminating the need to manage passwords within the application. These security measures ensure that access to evidence is strictly limited to authorized parties, maintaining the integrity of the evidence and enhancing the prospects of successful prosecutions.

The rise of digital evidence necessitates a secure and efficient evidence management system. Advent eVidence meets this need by providing a platform for secure uploading, sharing, and storage of digital evidence. Its vendor-agnostic feature facilitates smooth consolidation of evidence from various sources, while its secure cloud storage ensures the highest level of security for your evidence. With AeV, evidence management is simplified and streamlined, enhancing the integrity of evidence and increasing the likelihood of successful prosecutions.

To learn more or to schedule a platform demonstration email us at ( or fill out the contact form on the website.

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