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Advent eLearning is Your Best Choice for Court Ordered Marijuana Classes

Updated: Feb 14

Court-ordered Marijuana and THC classes are educational programs designed to provide individuals with knowledge and skills to address their marijuana use and make positive changes in their lives. These classes are often mandated by the court as a requirement for individuals who have been charged with marijuana-related offenses. Understanding the purpose and significance of these classes is crucial for those who find themselves in this situation.

The importance of choosing the right marijuana and THC class provider

When it comes to court-ordered marijuana and THC classes, choosing the right provider is essential. The quality and effectiveness of the program can greatly impact an individual's ability to successfully complete the requirements set by the court. It is crucial to select a provider that offers comprehensive and evidence-based courses that address the specific needs of individuals dealing with marijuana-related issues.


Why Advent eLearning stands out as the best choice

Advent eLearning is a leading provider of court-ordered marijuana and THC classes, with courses designed to meet the unique needs of individuals facing marijuana-related charges. What sets Advent eLearning apart from other providers is their commitment to excellence in education, their innovative evidence-based teaching methods, and their content created by experts in the field.

Advent eLearning's court-ordered marijuana classes offer a range of benefits for individuals who are required to complete these programs. Their courses are designed to educate individuals about the risks and consequences of marijuana use, helping them make informed decisions. Advent eLearning's online classes are flexible and accessible, allowing individuals to complete the program at their own pace and convenience.

·       A closer look at Advent eLearning's Marijuana and THC course modules:

·       Learning (Learning Styles, Punishment, and Deterrence)

·       Being (Positive Outlook, Self-Worth)

·       Living (Food Choices, Physical Activity, Sleep, Stress)

·       Knowing (Communication, Conflict, Challenges)

·       Choosing (Decision-Making, Behavior, Values and Goals)

·       Doing (Final Review, Next Steps)

·       What is Cannabis, Marijuana and THC?

·       The Science of Marijuana

·       Marijuana Myths Versus Facts

·       Possible Legal Consequences

·       Preventing Illegal Marijuana Use

·       Thinking Critically About Marijuana

·       Changing Your Behavior

·       Final Review

When faced with court-ordered marijuana classes, it is crucial to make an informed decision about the provider you choose. Advent eLearning stands out as the best choice due to their commitment to excellence, evidence-based curriculum, support, and flexible online learning options. By enrolling in Advent eLearning's court-ordered marijuana classes, individuals can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to address their marijuana use and make positive changes moving forward. Go to and start your course today.


Contact Advent eLearning

If you’re interested in how Advent eLearning can benefit your agency and your clients, click here to visit our website. You can review Advent eLearning programs with no costs or obligations for your organization. Contact us today for a trial account or a guided demonstration.


Advent eLearning courses address a variety of topics including:


Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Anger Management

Animal Care

Boating & Outdoors


Juvenile Conflict Resolution

Corrective Thinking

Defensive Driving

Financial Crimes

Firearm Responsibility


Hunting Responsibility

Impaired Driving

Juvenile Sexting

Life Skills




Revenge Porn



Traffic Safety

Underage Substance

Victim Impact Panel


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