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Classroom and clinician integration

Updated: Jan 15

Advent eLearning integrates credit for classroom work and clinician sessions together with advent eLearning programs to create one stop for reporting of student activities and certifications.

Advent eLearning clients can use the platform to manage and track offline requirements and conditions as part of overall management of diversion or alternate sentence programs. The system now allows defendants to upload proof documents on the system website that agency users review to verify those defendants completed an intervention program requirement that took place outside of the eLearning platform. These document types can include diversion or sentencing agreements, community service logs, completion certificates from group therapy sessions or clinician visits, drug test results, and more. Agency personnel receive email notifications when a document upload is completed by a defendant.

Agencies need reliable programs they can count on to change behaviors and to reduce recidivism Advent eLearning courses include classes addressing a variety of offenses including:

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Anger Management

Animal Care

Boating & Outdoors


Conflict Resolution

Corrective Thinking

Defensive Driving

Financial Crimes

Firearm Responsibility


Hunting Responsibility

Impaired Driving

Juvenile Sexting

Life Skills




Revenge Porn



Traffic Safety

Underage Substance

Victim Impact Panel

If you are interested in developing new alternative sentencing and diversion options for your agency’s clients you can review Advent’s eLearning programs with no costs or obligations for your organization. Reach out today for a trial account, a guided demonstration, or for more information on our programs. Email Learn more at

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