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Get to know Dr. Amy Hasinoff

Dr. Amy Hasinoff, an Associate Professor in the Communication department at the University of Colorado Denver, is a leading figure in the field of communication, gender, and media studies. Her research and approaches to studying gender, sexuality, media, and societal responses to harm have made significant contributions to the social science discipline. Her focus on such matters have made her a great choice to create eLearning courses that address issues like sexting, restorative and transformative justice approaches to online harm, and the concept of consent.


A Comprehensive Look at Sexting

One of Dr. Hasinoff's most notable contributions to the field is her book, Sexting Panic (2015). In it, she critically examines how the mass media, law, and education sectors have responded to the phenomenon of sexting. Dr. Hasinoff argues that these societal reactions, while well-intentioned, often exacerbate the problems they aim to solve and further stigmatize the individuals involved. And helps readers to better understand the nuances of sexting, emphasizing the need for a deeper, more empathetic approach. Covering issues such as consent and individual agency. Her insightful analysis of this topic was recognized by the National Communication Association, which awarded Sexting Panic the Diamond Anniversary Book Award in 2016.


A Focus on Restorative and Transformative Justice

In her current work, Dr. Hasinoff is shifting her attention towards restorative and transformative justice approaches to digital and sex-based crimes. This includes addressing image-based sexual abuse and exploring how to respond effectively to these disturbing instances of digital misuse. Aiming to provide practical solutions and preventative measures to mitigate the harm caused by misuse of these platforms. By advocating for restorative and transformative justice approaches, she pushes for solutions that not only address the harm caused but also seek to change the underlying societal attitudes and structures that contribute to such harm.


In a world where digital communication is becoming increasingly prevalent, Dr. Hasinoff's research in this area is of significant relevance. She has used her expertise to author four Advent eLearning courses related to interpersonal relationships, sexting, consent, and obscenity offenses. The courses are as follows:



Dr. Amy Hasinoff's work in the field of communication, gender, and media studies is truly groundbreaking. Her research on sexting, online harm, and consent provides valuable insights into some of the most pressing issues of our digital age. As society continues to grapple with the complexities of digital communication, her work serves as a beacon, illuminating the path towards a more understanding and just digital world. Her pioneering research challenges prevailing attitudes, sparks important conversations, and guides societal responses to these complex challenges.


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