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Expanded Marijuana Course Updates Enhance Advent Offerings

Updated: Mar 6

In the quickly changing sphere of marijuana laws and regulations Advent eLearning realizes the importance of incorporating course content reflecting the use and misuse of a constantly changing array of THC products. Our commitment to providing the most helpful and relevant educational experiences often drives updates to our course material, so we are proud to announce our latest update to Advent eLearning Marijuana I and II courses is on the way.


This update will provide expanded content related to THC analogs in addition to our current course modules. What is a THC analog you may ask? These are a chemical compound structurally related to THC that are often created from hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) and are therefore legal in some states where THC products are not legal. Some examples of THC analogs include: Delta 8, THC , Delta 9, Thc-O, THCP, THCV and other synthetic cannabinoids.


Josh Hartlage, President of AdventFS, provider of the Advent eLearning platform said, “Staying on top of the legal and product related aspects of marijuana education is crucial to our goal of delivering the most effective and relevant courses to students. Our course updates give us the flexibility to move fast ensuring that our content is always at the forefront of this quickly changing environment.”


These newly updated courses come with new names reflecting the inclusion of THC analogs. Our Level I and Level II course offerings will now be named Marijuana & THC I and Marijuana & THC II. 


Our Marijuana and THC courses are authored by Dr. Amy Smith, professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University. Dr. Smith authors several courses offered by Advent eLearning and along with the update to Marijuana and THC she reviewed course content across all her programs to ensure the most up-to-date content is available to participants. Doctor Smith’s other courses have all been updated with the latest treatment research as well. Listed below is a full course list of Doctor Smith’s updated courses.


Alcohol Substance Abuse I

Alcohol Substance Abuse II

Anger Management I

Anger Management II

Corrective Thinking

Life Skills


Theft I

Theft II

Underage Alcohol Substance Abuse I

Underage Alcohol Substance Abuse II


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Advent eLearning courses address a variety of topics including:


Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Anger Management

Animal Care

Boating & Outdoors


Conflict Resolution

Corrective Thinking

Defensive Driving

Financial Crimes

Firearm Responsibility


Hunting Responsibility

Juvenile Sexting

Life Skills




Revenge Porn



Traffic Safety

Underage Substance

Victim Impact Panel



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