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What is an Online Anger Management Class and Why Consider It?

Updated: Jan 15

If you’ve been arrested for an act of anger or violence, the court system might require you to take an online anger management class. You may also be required to take one if you are on probation and have a history of acting aggressively towards others. An online anger management class is usually a series of lessons and activities designed to help someone gain control over their anger before it erupts into physical violence. Whether you have been mandated by the court or are just looking for new ways to manage your feelings, taking an online anger management class can be tremendously helpful. This article will give you some insight into what an online anger management class entails, why it’s important, and how you can get started right away.

What To Expect From An Online Anger Management Class

When you take an online anger management class, you will be given a series of readings, videos, and activities to complete. These will help you gain a better understanding of anger, how it affects your life, and how you can manage it in the future. You will probably be given a “homework” assignment after each lesson, so make sure you schedule the time to complete these tasks. Some of the topics you may cover in an online anger management class include: What causes anger - and how your response can make things worse The relationship between stress and anger How to keep your cool when others try to provoke you Methods of relaxation, such as deep breathing How to avoid “triggers” that set you off Ways to defuse anger when it arises, such as asking yourself questions Ways to “cool off” after you’ve gotten angry, such as writing in a journal How to apologize and make amends when you’ve hurt someone else.

Why You Should Take an Online Anger Management Class

Let’s be honest - no one enjoys the idea of taking an anger management class. You might feel embarrassed, ashamed, or just not have the time to attend an in-person class. Conversely, there are many benefits to taking an online class: You can complete the course at your own pace, without needing to fit into someone else’s schedule You can log in and out whenever you choose to work on your course - no need to set a specific time for class each day You can complete the course in the privacy of your own home - no need to feel self-conscious in public If you’re worried about attending an in-person class, you may want to consider taking an online class. If you have a busy schedule, take care of a sick family member, or just don’t feel you have time to take an in-person course, taking an online course is a great alternative.

How to Find an Online Class That’s Right for You

Before you sign up for any online class, you should make sure it’s legitimate. There are many services out there that claim to offer an online anger management course. Unfortunately, some of these services are not approved by the court and will not help you meet your requirements. To make sure you find a legitimate online anger management class, ask your probation officer which sites are approved. You can also check out Advent eLearning to be ensured of high quality classes with certifications accepted by hundreds of courts across the country. You can also look up the websites of state-approved anger management providers in your area and see if they offer an online course. Some providers may let you choose between an online and in-person course, while others may only offer one or the other.

Tips for Success During an Online Anger Management Course

Before you dive into an online anger management course, there are a few things you should do to set yourself up for success. First, make sure you understand the court’s requirements for taking an online class. If a provider is not approved by the court, it won’t count towards your sentence. Next, think about your reasons for taking an online class. Why do you want to take an online anger management course? Are you trying to get your record cleared? Are you hoping to avoid a jail sentence? Are you hoping to get your probation reduced? Whatever your goal is, it can help keep you on track while taking an online class. It’s also a good idea to set some goals for yourself while taking an online class. You may want to set a particular date when you want to finish the course. You may also want to set smaller, weekly goals, such as a certain number of hours per week that you want to dedicate to study.

Bottom line

Taking an online class might seem like an easy way out. However, it’s an opportunity to gain valuable insight into your emotions, reactions, and triggers. And, it’s an opportunity to better understand the people around you, too. Taking an online anger management class is challenging, but it’s also rewarding. It’s an opportunity to grow and improve your life by becoming more aware of your emotions and reactions and learning how to manage them.

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