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Happy Independence Day from Our Advent Family to Yours

Navy blue rectangle with lighter blue firework graphics and small white stars. With white text that reads happy Independence Day from our Advent family to yours.

As we see our country decorated with red, white, and blue, we want to wish our clients and community a happy Independence Day. For many the 4th of July is not just a day, but a symbol of our nation's struggle for independence, and a reminder of the sacrifices made by those that came before us to secure the freedom we enjoy today. It is a day to reflect on our history, honor our heroes, and celebrate the values that make our nation unique. As we gather with our families and friends, let's take a moment to remember the true meaning of this day and the importance of freedom in our lives. From all of us at AdventFS we wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy Independence Day filled with joy, pride, and gratitude.


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Impaired Driving

Juvenile Sexting

Life Skills

Marijuana & THC



Revenge Porn



Traffic Safety

Underage Substance

Victim Impact Panel


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