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Advent eLearning for Law Enforcement

Traffic and Misdemeanor Digital Interventions Appropriate for APAD, OOCD and Other Law Enforcement Lead Programs

The law enforcement community needs highly effective resources for delivering education instead of incarceration as alternative sentencing or to support their Adult Pre-Arrest Diversion (APAD) or Out-of-Court Disposal (OOCD) programs.

Advent eLeaning provides over 30 online diversion courses proven to be effective in reducing recidivism. Our online platform is easy to use and requires no commitment. It can be provided at low, or no cost to you, and delivers the robust life re-directing education experience offenders need with the certification of successful completion you require.

We deliver simple to use diversion and alternative sentencing solutions designed to streamline the management of cases. Evidence-based courses are easy for offenders to access from anywhere on any internet connected device.

Advent eLearning assures participants are receiving consistent messaging, and because they can take courses online at any time, students can start and stop courses and going at their own pace. Advent's programs are browser translatable to accommodate any language barriers. 

Contact Advent eLearning today to schedule a free demonstration and to learn more about our all-in-one platform that helps you manage any alternative program.


App Enrollment

  • Streamlined application intake via AeL system

  • Easily approve or decline applications via the AeL platform

  • Configurable registration fields to best suit the needs of your programs

  • Access to the disposition table functionality allows you to upload your current dismissal, plea-reduction, etc and easily select the form most fitting to your participant creating an auto-filled PDF with their information

Self Enrollment

  • Allows your participants to register themselves either via program codes, by going to site and clicking "Start Your Course", or allows you to screen applications for your programs within the Advent eLearning system

Refer a Student

  • You can simply refer a student by clicking the "Refer a Student" button on the homepage of

Officer Notifications

  • AeL allows you to assign participants to your officers allowing you to choose what notifications you receive, who receives them and whether you want them on an as they happen or daily list

  • Know when your participant starts a course, passes or fails, completes program requirements, or uploads documentation

Over 30 Evidence Based Behavior Changing Courses

Our Courses Cover a Wide Range of Offenses

  • AeL gives you access to a suite of 30-different criminal intervention programs. Many of these programs are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy courses that are updated with the latest treatment data and are created by Dr. Amy Smith, professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University

  • AeL’s courses are available from any internet connected device and can be taken in multiple sessions, allowing for easy and convenient access for the program participant

  • AeL courses are browser translatable and are available in many different languages, for example Spanish, Nepali, and Arabic are just a few of the languages available

Subject Matter Experts

  • Our courses are created by subject matter experts including Dr. Amy Smith, professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University (most are evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy courses)


Measure Your Success

  • AeL allows for you to run ad hoc reports to collect demographic information for your programs via the reporting tab

  • Analysis through the reporting functionality allows you to measure the success of your programs, pass/fail ratios, repeat offenders and more

Marketing Support

Student Cards and Course Sheets

  • Advent provides professionally created materials that can be distributed to course participants. These are meant to be provided to the individuals who might benefit from the content and will walk them through the registration process, assuring a successful and meaningful experience

  • Offices can choose from an 8 1/2 x 11 course sheet or the more popular business card size option. Both offer the same information (the business card size is easier for the student to carry around)


Program Codes

  • Program codes specific to your Advent eLearning environment can be created allowing students to be associated with your program by simply typing in your code

“Advent saves me a lot of time. I don’t have to send out letters. I don’t have to enter a lot of stuff in the computer. It was really easy to get started.  Here’s the impressive thing…the feedback we get from defendants after doing the online course and test is amazing. They actually like taking it!

Shane Bourgeois

Investigator – 20th JDC Louisiana, East / West Feliciana Parishes

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