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Advent eLearning for Probation

Over 30 Evidence-Based Online Treatment Programs and the Ability to Notify Officers of Case Progress and Completion

Probation offices need highly effective resources for delivering offender education. Our online evidence-based programming for offenders is easy to assign, and simple to use.

Advent eLearning provides over 30 online courses proven to be effective in reducing recidivism. The cognitive-based treatment is created by experts and geared toward helping those that have committed lower-level offenses with the intent of providing an alternative to harsher penalties or incarceration. Much of our content is available in level 1 and level 2 courses so officers are able to choose the appropriate level of intervention. 


Probation officers that assign an Advent treatment course through the platform are able to receive progress notifications at different milestones while the student works their way through the programming. Once completed, the office can choose to receive the completion certificate electronically. If the student fails to complete, the officer will be notified as well. Officers are also able to run sophisticated reports to evaluate the success of the programs.​

Contact Advent eLearning today to schedule a free demonstration and to learn more about our all-in-one platform that helps you automate and manage offender education programs.


Self Enrollment

  • Allows your participants to register themselves either via program codes, by going to site and clicking "Start Your Course", or allows you to screen applications for your programs within the Advent eLearning system

Office Enrollment

  • Your probation office enrolls participants into the program giving you complete control over your intake, perfect for offices with a pre-screening component already in place

  • Ad hoc reporting is available with the Office Enrollment platform

  • Customizable notifications inform you at different milestones of a student's progress and upon the certification of the successful completion of a course

Refer a Student

  • You can simply refer a student by clicking the "Refer a Student" button on the homepage of

Administrative Access

  • AeL’s Platform functionality allows you to manage your users, receive notifications, enroll participants, review applications, create disposition documents, run ad hoc reports and more

Officer Notifications

Get Notified

  • AeL allows you to assign participants to your officers allowing you to choose what notifications you receive, who receives them and whether you want them on an as they happen or daily list

  • Know when your participant starts a course, passes or fails, completes program requirements, or uploads documentation

Case Management Integration

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

  • AeL is open to integrating with your current case management system to best suit the needs of your agency

Over 30 Evidence Based Behavior Changing Courses

Our Courses Cover a Wide Range of Offenses

  • AeL gives you access to a suite of 30-different criminal intervention programs. Many of these programs are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy courses that are updated with the latest treatment data and are created by Dr. Amy Smith, professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University

  • AeL’s courses are available from any internet connected device and can be taken in multiple sessions, allowing for easy and convenient access for the program participant

  • AeL courses are browser translatable and are available in many different languages, for example Spanish, Nepali, and Arabic are just a few of the languages available

Subject Matter Experts

  • Our courses are created by subject matter experts including Dr. Amy Smith, professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University (most are evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy courses)


Measure Your Success

  • AeL allows for you to run ad hoc reports to collect demographic information for your programs via the reporting tab

  • Analysis through the reporting functionality allows you to measure the success of your programs, pass/fail ratios, repeat offenders and more

“At first, I was a little overwhelmed but that is only because you have so much to offer that can benefit me and my program. After your demonstration, I realized I had made a mistake by not switching to you guys sooner....Those in our field need to know what others are successfully using. If the programs and education classes that we refer our clients to are not providing them with the quality services that they deserve, then we in the corrections field are failing them. It is our job to help rehabilitate and provide adequate resources for these individuals to get back on track. I believe the folks at Advent have the same mindset. I am looking forward to using the reports to show the Judges and the stakeholders how the programs have been utilized, how many clients have been referred during a given period and the completion rates.

Jolynn Perry

Program Manager – Accomack/Northampton Community Corrections

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