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Advent Traffic Programs

Clear your traffic jam with Advent

The Advent eLearning Traffic Safety program has been used by prosecutors across the country for nearly a decade in citation diversion, deferral, and reduction programs. In states like Kentucky, New York, Indiana, and Louisiana, prosecutors depend on Advent eLearning to provide an end-to-end, online solution for high-volume citation processing, including marketing, document management, eligibility review, online education, fee disbursement, and case filing and adjudication. These programs allow prosecutors to improve the road safety of their communities while providing a source of revenue to help fund prosecution operations and other critical community organizations.

Application Functions

App Enrollment

  • From initial application through disposition AeL’s Traffic Program allows you to streamline and automate the entire process.

  • Self enrollment allows your participants to register themselves either via program codes, by going to site and clicking "Start Your Course", or allows you screen applications for your programs within the Advent eLearning system

  • With office enrollment you enroll participants into the program giving you complete control over your intake, perfect for courts with a pre-screening component already in place


Document Upload

  • Allows for the upload of proof of insurance and other documents via the application model


  • AeL’s platform allows you to verify each step of your program's participation whether that is confirming an apology letter to receiving fully configurable email notifications of the participants progress throughout the program

E-Certificate Generation

  • Regardless of how you utilize AeL Traffic Programs, each of our courses come with a uniquely generated e-certificate to verify their completion

Fee Processing

  • AeL is a licensed Third Party Payment Provider of First American—AeL has the capacity to process any fees for your government agency

  • Through AeL’s Curricula functionality you have the ability to tie specific fees and costs to pre-bundled curricula allowing you run multiple programs that would have their payments processed via AeL

Course Curriculum

Traffic Program

  • Advent eLearning’s Traffic Safety Course use behavioral driving instruction methodology, which has been key to their success

  • Developed by Gold Cross Safety Corporation, the Traffic Safety course is a succinct one-hour program that focuses on aggressive driving behavior such as speeding, tailgating, traffic control device violations, lane-space violations, and distracted driving

  • Driver behavior is what the driver chooses to do with their knowledge, skill, perceptual and cognitive abilities, making behavioral training critical in sanctioning environments where the goal is to change defendant behavior towards safer streets

  • Gold Cross Safety Corporation is a leading provider of fleet driving training services, serving over 200 of the Fortune 1000 companies in the U.S. In its 25-year history, Gold Cross has successfully trained over 2.5 million adult drivers in its behavioral driving strategies

Notification Options

Get Notifications

  • Know when your participant starts a course, passes or fails, completes program requirements, or uploads documentation

Notification Scheduling

  • AeL allows for you to schedule certain notifications to either a daily notification or have notifications as they come in

Funds Management

Funds Processing and Reporting

  • Advent is a certified Third Party Payment Processor for First American

  • Advent allows you to manage your program fees, application fees, and restitution payments through the AeL Platform

  • Advent provides reporting accounting for all fees and payments

Reporting Capabilities

  • AeL allows for you to run ad hoc reports to collect demographic information for your programs

  • Analysis through the reporting functionality allows you to measure the success of your programs

Credentialing and Passwords

Electronic / Paper Credentials 

  • AeL allows your participants via electronic means such as SMS or email

  • AeL will also mail out credentials on behalf of your office via physical mail


Communication via SMS/Password

  • AeL allows for notifications and correspondence via SMS or email. 

  • Each user has an electronically generated password

Disposition For Management

  • Allows the ability to create form fillable pdfs for any disposition document

  • Allows you to easily choose which document is appropriate for a participant plea-reduction, dismissal, and more from the disposition table


  • AeL allows for easy collection of restitution fees and allows you to set up the frequency of these payments to best fit your needs

Marketing Support

Student Cards and Course Sheets

  • Advent provides professionally created materials that can be distributed to course participants. These are meant to be provided to the individuals who might benefit from the content and will walk them through the registration process, assuring a successful and meaningful experience

  • Offices can choose from an 8 1/2 x 11 course sheet or the more popular business card size option. Both offer the same information (the business card size is easier for the student to carry around)


Program Codes

  • Program codes specific to your Advent eLearning environment can be created allowing students to be associated with your program by simply typing in your code

Ad Hoc Reporting

  • AeL allows for you to run ad hoc reports to collect a wide range of information about your programs

  • Analysis through the reporting functionality allows you to measure the success of your programs and their use

“One of the things we like most about Advent eLearning is that it lets us know where we stand with defendants and their diversion because the reporting functions are outstanding. Best of all, we maintain control. And dealing with Advent has been a pleasure. They’re totally responsive to our needs.”

Lance Richardson

State Attorney – Queen Anne’s County, MD

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