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eLearning Winter Release Expands Offense and Demo Reporting

This new release will go live on January 17, 2021. Please be aware that users may experience a short period of disruption while the new version is deployed.

This release focuses on expanding client value in capturing, using and reporting criminal offense data and student demographics associated with diversion and alternate sentencing programs:

  • Allows each Advent eLearning client to deploy a custom table of only the criminal offenses available for selection by users or students.

  • Allows client users to search for offenses by criminal codes to add to assignments rather than scrolling through the entire offense table.

  • Allows clients to substitute “common names” of offenses to appear for selection instead of the official statutory or clerk titles (e.g. “Shoplifting” instead of “PETIT THEFT 1ST DEGREE 100 MORE LT 750 DOLS”).

  • Allows each client to determine if students can add offenses not listed in clients’ custom offense tables.

  • Allows clients to require that defendant gender and race be provided when students self-register on

These new features, combined with the eLearning Offense Reporting capabilities, provide powerful new tools for clients to gain better insight into their program’s metrics and performance. Offense, fee, participation and demographic data can be parsed and downloaded into spreadsheets for further analysis at any time, and data can be exported to .csv format for use with arrest, court and other records to develop sophisticated performance and recidivism studies.

In addition to these new features, the release also includes a number of other platform enhancements:

  • Client-based assignment requirements, allowing clients to determine which fields must be completed by users when creating new student assignments (including requiring offense and demographic data to be included on each assignment).

  • Release notes for historical eLearning releases added to the Help menu so users can track which features were added to eLearning during which releases.

  • Time zone localization to ensure all system dates (due dates, reports, audits, etc.) correspond to the local time zones of client operations.

  • Video player enhancements to HTML5 format to eliminate all Flash player components and requirements.

Existing Advent clients should contact Advent Client Services ( if you need assistance in using this new functionality. If you’re not a current Advent client and are interested in hearing more about this new functionality and how it can work for your organization, please contact your Advent sales representative or send us an email at

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