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The Advent eLearning Spring Release is Focused on Privacy

Advent eLearning is serious about privacy, and our 2024 new platform release refines our privacy and security policies for General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). This policy is accessible any time via the Advent Privacy Policy section of the Advent eLearning platform.


Students will agree to this policy as they access the Advent eLearning platform ensuring they have access to review, understand, and acknowledge the policy before continuing on to their course work. If the policy is updated, student users will be notified and must agree to the updated policy before accessing the Advent eLearning system moving forward.


Our updated GDPR compliant policy will be updated on the Advent eLearning Platform on Wednesday evening April 24th, 2024. Please contact Client Services via email at with any questions or request assistance in using this new functionality.


Advent eLearning is committed to the continuous improvement of our platform and our services. New releases are just part of how we work to provide our customers with the latest and best technology available to meet and exceed your needs. For more information about Advent eLearning please visit

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