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Advent Announces International Partnership

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

AdventFS To Partner with UK Based, Make Time Count Today

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY. (September 7, 2023) – U.S. Based AdventFS (Advent), maker of

Advent eLearning, a platform that provides diversion education and management solutions for criminal justice agencies, announced that a reseller agreement has been signed with U.K. based social enterprise, Make Time Count Today. “We’ve always felt our behaviour-changing programming could be utilized in the UK and elsewhere,” said Josh Hartlage, President of Advent. “Make Time Count’s technology combined with Advent eLearning’s content and intervention management platform, provides an unmatched, end-to-end solution for police offering out of court disposals.”

Make Time Count provides law enforcement with eligibility assessment tools for Out of Court Disposals (OoCDs), a popular form of alternative sentencing in the U.K. This partnership allows Make Time Count’ to utilize Advent eLearning’s 30 plus evidence-based behaviour modification courses as a part of treatment programmes. The intervention courses cover a variety of topics and automatically translate to the selected browser language. “Not everyone learns the same. Our agreement with Advent allows us to fill a void that is missing with offering out of court disposals,” said Jonathan Ley, CEO of Make Time Count. “Police can now provide powerful, online treatment to those that qualify while reducing investigation time and improving sanction rates. I’m excited to see where this partnership takes us!”

Interested in the Advent eLearning Platform? Contact or visit Interested in Make Time Count? Visit


About Advent eLearning

Advent eLearning, a product of AdventFS, has been changing people's lives for over 15 years. Our treatment courses are utilized by thousands each month as part of an assigned diversion or disposal, to satisfy a sanction reducing charges, or as part of a probationary agreement. Advent’s cognitive-based material helps individuals get on track and puts their legal issues in the past. Our catalog of over 30 online, evidence-based courses are professionally created and accepted by over 700 courts and criminal justice agencies.

About Make Time Count

Make Time Count Today originated from work carried out with London Probation in 2018-20. After observing service users (people on Probation) and Probation Officers, we realised that there was:

  • Opportunity to help offenders and their victims

  • Opportunity to improve the processes and systems via effective use of technology

Thus our Connected Justice Platform, the ‘AirBnB for Help’ was born. Make Time Count has since been working with Police Forces across the country on the optimal solution for running diversion programmes instead of the traditional court route. Our technology platform fully automates the steps involved in the diversion and provides an end to end operating model that:

  • Eliminates workload from front-line staff

  • Reduces the overall cost of running comprehensive diversion programmes

  • Links on-the-street decisions with conditions run by community groups and providers

  • Provides unparalleled insights into the proportionality of Officer decision making

  • Develops an understanding of the appropriateness of interventions to support future

  • condition selection

The platform has been co-created by a cross-Force coalition. The solution is built, has been

operationally tested and is ready to roll-out.

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