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Advent Releases New Defensive Driving Course

A new Defensive Driving course is now available from Advent eLearning for use by prosecutors in their Advent Traffic Safety programs or by prosecutors or traffic courts in diversion or alternative sentencing in vehicular enforcement cases.

The new 2-hour course expands upon the current 1-hour behavioral driving curriculum used in Advent’s Traffic Safety courses. The new course will help motorists improve their driving outcomes by improving driving attitudes and habits, learning to share the road with aggressive drivers, and learning behavioral best practices for driving in a variety of hazardous conditions such as rain, fog, road debris, and with pedestrians/cyclists.

Advent behavioral driving courses teach drivers beyond what they may have learned in drivers’ education or in a typical “traffic school” curriculum. The course is not just a rehash of the rote learning of a state drivers’ manual. Rather, the methodology provides for scenario-based training of real-life examples of accident causation and avoidance strategies.

All of Advent’s behavioral driving courses are produced by Gold Cross Safety Corporation, a leading provider of fleet driving training services, serving over 200 of the Fortune 1000 companies in the U.S. In its 25-year history, Gold Cross has successfully trained over 2.5 million adult drivers in its behavioral driving strategies.

The new courses are now available for use by all Advent eLearning clients. Please contact your Advent sales representative to activate these courses for your organization. If you’re not currently an Advent client and are interested in using these courses in your organization, please contact your Advent sales representative or send us an email at

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