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Advent Releases Offense Index for 2023

Advent has released its Offense Index for Calendar 2023 which tracks the types of criminal offenses for which Advent eLearning clients assigned our online intervention courses.

In 2023, Advent delivered and supported over 70,000 intervention courses for US criminal justice agencies. Advent serves hundreds of clients across the criminal justice spectrum, throughout the US, including prosecutors, courts, law enforcement agencies, and probation/community corrections.

Our online intervention courses are used in a variety of applications, including diversion and alternative sentencing programs, law enforcement pre-file diversions, court-ordered treatment programs, and for probation/corrections sanction applications.

Advent courses are designed specifically to address types of criminal behaviors; this index assumes our criminal justice clients are using the Advent eLearning platform to assign the online interventions most appropriate for the offenses committed.


In 2023, a little over a third of programs assigned were for substance offenses, including alcohol and marijuana offenses and violations. Another 18 percent of courses were assigned for theft and retail theft offenses.

Approximately 15 percent assigned general cognition programs for either nuisance violations or in general probation sanction applications. This cognitive-behavioral treatment methodology also forms the basis of Advent Level II courses, which saw significant growth in 2023.

Just over 12% of courses were assigned for personal conflict offenses such as misdemeanor assault or harassment. Another 11 percent of interventions were assigned for misdemeanor traffic offenses, with growth driven primarily through the increased use of our behavioral-based Defensive Driving course in reckless, no-insurance and license suspension/reinstatement programs.

Around four percent were assigned for juvenile and status offenses including underage alcohol or marijuana possession, school conflicts, and juvenile sexting.

Finally, a combined seven percent of interventions related to family court sanctions, firearm violations, animal and wildlife code violations, prostitution buyers, and financial crimes and fraud.

Course Key

The following are the online intervention programs tracked and matched to likely offenses:

Alcohol = Alcohol & Substance Abuse levels I & II; Impaired Driving levels I & II; Victim Impact Panel

Animal & Wildlife = Animal Care; Boating & Outdoors; Hunting Responsibility

Assault/Harass = Anger Management levels I & II; Harassment

Family = Parenting

Financial/Fraud = Financial Crimes

Firearms = Firearm Responsibility

Larceny = Shoplifting; Theft levels I & II

Marijuana = Marijuana Education levels I & II

Nuisance/Other = Corrective Thinking; Life Skills

Obscenity/Moral = Prostitution; Revenge Porn

Status/Juvenile = Bullying; Juvenile Conflict Resolution; Juvenile Sexting; Underage Alcohol & Substance Abuse levels I & II

Traffic Misdemeanors = Defensive Driving

Learn More

Do these metrics track with your agency’s case load and alternate resolutions? You can use the powerful ad-hoc reporting capabilities in the Advent eLearning platform to find out!

If you need assistance in using our reporting capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact Client Services ( for help or training. If you’re not currently an Advent client, or you’d like to evaluate any of our online intervention programs for your agency, please contact your Advent sales representative or send an email to

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