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Court Ordered Theft Class Near Me

Updated: Jan 15

If you’ve been ordered to take a theft class by the court and you are looking for a class near you, look no further than your pocket. That is, if you keep your smartphone in your pocket. Advent eLearning offers the online theft and shoplifting classes you need to meet the requirements ordered by the court.

What is a Court Ordered Theft Class?

A court-ordered theft class is a course designed to help individuals understand the consequences of theft-related actions and avoid repeating the offense in the future. A judge will often order that those convicted of theft complete these classes as a part of their sentence. Judges may also impose different levels of supervision on individuals who have committed theft-related crimes. This supervision could include regular contact with a probation officer, community service, and/or various forms of therapy.

Why are Court Ordered Theft Classes Required?

There are many reasons why theft-related offenses are punished so heavily. These types of crimes often lead to significant financial losses. Theft crimes also have a disproportionate effect on the most vulnerable members of our society. Within many theft-related crimes, there is also an element of deception. This means that the person who has been robbed might not even know that they’ve lost their money or property. Different types of theft-related crimes may be marked by additional negative consequences as well. For example, some theft-related offenses could lead to violence against others. When theft-related crimes escalate, they may even result in murder.

Who Offers the Classes?

In many jurisdictions, different agencies may be responsible for offering theft awareness classes. These organizations include public district or community colleges, privately run organizations, and even some religious institutions. It is important that your theft class is professionally produced by experts in the field. Advent eLearning provides online theft classes that are court-approved and provide certification upon successful completion. Click here to register for your class today.

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