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Fall 2021 Release Enhances Student Experience

We're excited to announce the Fall 2021 release of the Advent eLearning platform!

This new release will go live on Sunday, September 19th. Please be aware that users may experience a short period of disruption while the new version is deployed.

The Advent eLearning platform is deployed in a variety of different criminal justice scenarios: from simple student self-enrollment for court-ordered classes, to agency enrollment and outreach to pre-screened diversion candidates, to full end-to-end integration of candidate applications, agency screening, and court case filing in high-volume traffic diversion and reduction programs.

This release focuses on the student experience, making it easier for students to understand, navigate and complete their eLearning assignments—no matter how they enter into the program.

The Fall 2021 release development focused on extensive review of the student UI (user interface) design, usability testing, and analyses of our most common support center case scenarios. Some of the major design changes from that review include:

  • Better use of site colors and link placements to make site navigation more intuitive by “cueing” students of what they are to do at every step.

  • Enhanced instructions for common support scenarios, including for registration fields, password recovery/reset protocols, and for course payment, certificate, retake and extension processes.

  • Full course descriptions, including course topics and learning objectives, as well as course lengths and media, to help each student ensure they’re taking the right course for their offense.

  • Enhanced integration of Live Chat support technology to better assist students with any technical or navigation questions while they’re taking courses.

In addition to these student enhancements, the release also includes a number of other significant platform enhancements to help our client agencies’ personnel:

  • Enhanced localization of time and date stamps, ensuring all student records, audit logs and due dates are displayed and calculated to the time zones of agency users.

  • Expanded options for email notifications, allowing for both prosecutor and court stakeholder notifications of most every course milestone including student enrollment, payment, beginning a course, passing a course, and failing a course.

  • New program fee functionality to allow clients to assess student fees for diversion/probation program participation independent of education courses; portions of these fees can then be disbursed to multiple stakeholders such as courts, clerks, community organizations, etc.

  • New workflow for traffic plea reduction clients, allowing agency personnel to better visualize and review reduction applicants and to create reduction offers and court filings.

Finally, the release includes new functionality to assist users of our Restorative Justice platform features:

  • Our Auto Insurance Monitoring program features can now be used directly by agency users to board, track and communicate with defendants being monitored for auto insurance policy maintenance. While most clients prefer to outsource these functions to Advent personnel, agencies with appropriate staffing can now use the platform to do it themselves.

  • For clients using our restitution functionality, the new Restitution Funds report provides for better visibility into all activity, allowing clients to query, view and export data of all funds being collected from defendants and disbursed to victims.

  • Clients can now display custom student homepage messages for Restorative Justice features, allowing clients to better communicate special and unique instructions for defendants with recurring insurance monitoring, probation monitoring, community service, and restitution payment obligations.

Existing Advent clients should contact Advent Client Services ( if you need assistance in using this new functionality. If you’re not a current Advent client and are interested in hearing more about this new functionality and how it can work for your organization, please contact your Advent sales representative or send us an email at

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