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Fall Release Improves AeL Treatment Management Tools

We’re excited to announce the Advent eLearning Fall 2023 release!

The release will go live on Sunday, November 5th. Please be aware that users may experience a short period of disruption while the new version is deployed.

Advent eLearning (AeL) is a unique treatment management platform that combines functionality of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Case Management Systems (CMS) for criminal justice intervention and treatment programs. Through the platform, defendants (students) are able to receive self-paced, online treatment for a number of criminal offenses, while allowing criminal justice agencies to track and management those treatment plans real-time.

The platform is used by criminal justice agencies in one of three ways: the Direct model which allows defendants to find and take an Advent treatment course at the direction of an agency; the Insight model which allows client agencies to initiate, manage and track prescreened program participants through treatment; and the Flow model which provides advanced end-to-end management of treatment programs from defendant application through case disposition.

This release focuses on the continued improvement of the technology for Insight and Flow users to manage and track treatments more efficiently.

This release complements Advent's recent improvements to its Direct model site used by courts and probation offices to assign treatment courses simply by referring defendants to a centralized intervention marketplace at This Direct site marketplace can be used by anyone in the criminal justice system free of charge without the need to implement our Insight or Flow treatment management technologies.

Insight Conditional Pricing

This functionality allows agencies to establish intervention pricing based on unique conditions of the case or defendant. Agencies build out a table of conditions to be met and the price that defendants will pay under those conditions, and then select those conditions when adding pre-screened defendant cases via the Insight interface. Price conditions might include:

  • Different prices that drivers may pay for traffic diversions or pleas based on the ticketed speed of a traffic citation and relative to fine and court costs.

  • Different prices that defendants may pay for criminal diversions based on the severity of offenses, the treatment protocol utilized, and the supervisory costs that agencies must recoup for their programs.

  • Variable pricing for indigent defendants, allowing agencies to price interventions, supervision, etc. based on incomes of the defendants relative to poverty guidelines.

Enhanced Views for Insight & Flow Decisioning Portals

This release adds consistency and easier navigation of Insight homepage portals that support decisioning for Insight and Flow customers. These portals include:

  • Applications for Review that allows Flow agency users to evaluate defendant applications for approvals into diversion and plea programs.

  • Pending Validations that allows Insight or Flow users to evaluate document uploads such as forms, agreements and external treatment certificates for program suitability.

  • Pending Dispositions that allows Flow users to build and route case disposition documents for successfully completed interventions.

  • Courses for Reinstatement that allows Insight and Flow users to reinstate students who have failed out of programs due to low test scores or due date expirations.

Notification & Audit Enhancements

This release includes a number of enhancements to assist Insight users in managing and auditing defendants in intervention programs:

  • Email validity checks at the time of entry to improve notification delivery by checking that the email address entered real-time against internet databases of valid domains.

  • Invalid address notification to alert Insight agencies when a letter mailed by Advent for the agency is returned as undeliverable by the postal system.

  • More details added to notifications going to third parties such as defense attorneys and courts and enhanced integration with our payment processing system for support.

  • Enhanced audit of units and court notifications and the ability to search assignments by defendant telephone number and unit ID.

  • Improved security through tighter controls of user system passwords.

Student/Defendant Portal Improvements

Finally, this release makes several improvements to the defendant/student site to allow for better self-service and management:

  • Agency clients can now establish if students are allowed to request extensions when the student fails a unit by test score or due date expiration.

  • Now includes Minor Privacy functionality to notify parents of juveniles using the platform of their rights and responsibilities pursuant to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

  • Online user support material (for both student and client users) has been moved to a dedicated, searchable support knowledge-base to improve the ability of all users to learn, navigate and use the AeL platform more efficiently.

To Learn More

For current Advent clients, please contact Advent Client Services by phone or chat, or send us an email at, with any questions about the new features. If you’re not a current Advent client and are interested in a demonstration of eLearning and how it can work for your organization, please contact Advent Sales at

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