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Upcoming Release Expands Student Management Capabilities

We’re excited to announce the Advent eLearning Spring 2023 release!

Advent eLearning (AeL) is a unique treatment management platform that combines functionality of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Case Management Systems (CMS) for criminal justice intervention and treatment programs. Through the platform, defendants (students) are able to receive self-paced, online treatment for a number of criminal offenses, while allowing criminal justice agencies to track and manage those treatment plans in real-time.

The platform is used by criminal justice agencies in one of three ways: the Direct model which allows defendants to find and take an Advent treatment course at the direction of an agency; the Insight model which allows client agencies to initiate, manage and track prescreened program participants through treatment; and the Flow model which provides advanced end-to-end management of treatment programs from defendant application through case disposition.

This release focuses on improving student treatment self-management with tighter LMS/CMS integration, improved methods for defendants to find and apply for appropriate treatment options, and improved workflow for agency-to-defendant communications.

The release will go live on the evening of Wednesday, June 7th, users may experience a short period of disruption during that time.

Improved LMS/CMS Integration

This release improves the integration between our learning management and case management technology to provide a better student experience during online treatment. All student progress is now saved and tracked throughout treatment, allowing students to stop and restart online courses in different treatment sessions without the need to remain on the same device or browser throughout.

This integration also provides Insight client users with better visibility into student treatment progress. Now, client managers can see, at any time, where students are in their course and how much more work they have to do to complete their online treatment assignment. This enhanced integration now also allows for:

  • More consistent management of student testing results, ensuring test scores are posted to assignments even when students use mobile devices with poor Internet connections

  • Better cueing of students for logout processes, making it clearer to students the processes to follow to log out and log back into treatment sessions

  • Clearer instructions when students receive SMS (text messaging) login instructions

  • Adds support for HEIC document types when students use eLearning's document upload and management functionality.

Advanced Agency Search for Direct Clients

For clients that use the eLearning platform to allow defendants to find and take Advent courses through our Direct technology, the new release include enhanced search fields to make it easier for students to find and select their assigning agencies. Students who were not provided Program Codes can now search the self-registration site's "Find Your Agency" page by any combination of agency name, agency city, and agency zip code, and then select the agency that best fits the search criteria.

The enhanced search technology also provides students with more information about agencies when search results are returned. This will allow students a better opportunity to contact assigning agencies to validate that the courses they select are the appropriate courses of treatment for their case requirements before beginning treatment protocols.

Improved Workflow for Insight Communications

This release improves the communications workflow used when eLearning clients use the platform's Insight application to create and activate treatment plans for students. Through Insight, agencies can develop and deploy letter-based communications to include custom program instructions, forms, agreements, etc., all integrated with Advent's advanced custom letter automation.

The new Insight communications enhancements include:

  • Clearer unit (treatment) management dialogs to eliminate the potential for errors in selecting appropriate program mailings

  • Simpler method for requeuing of custom letters at any time, allowing agencies to resend a program letter to any participant who requests another copy

  • New real-time emailing of student login and password credentials available to assist guiding students to their online plan at any time during the treatment program

  • The ability to sort students who have failed their plans by payment date, allowing client Insight users to streamline reinstating student who have paid, and quickly discarding those who have not.

Enhanced Flow Application Algorithms

The release also improves the algorithms used to detect duplicate accounts when clients deploy application functionality in their eLearning workflow processes. These new duplication detection and prevention technologies are available for all Flow diversion workflow clients, including in our traffic diversion and plea workflows to reduce the frequency of defendants applying for participation multiple times prior to client approval decisioning.

To Learn More

For current Advent clients, please contact Advent Client Services by phone or chat, or send us an email at, with any questions about the new features. If you’re not a current Advent client and are interested in a demonstration of eLearning and how it can work for your organization, please contact Advent Sales at

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