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What to know when you must take a court ordered marijuana course

Updated: Jan 15

If you have been ordered to take a marijuana course, the process can be challenging. You’ll need to find an online marijuana course that meets the expectations of the court and provides you with the certification of completion you need. There are some things you should know about before taking a court-ordered marijuana class online. Here are some things you should know if you need to take an online marijuana course as part of your sentencing for a crime or as part of your probation conditions.

What is an Online Marijuana Course?

A marijuana course, or drug course, is a class that you are required to complete as part of your sentencing for a crime or as part of your probation conditions. The course is designed to teach you about the harms of drugs, including marijuana, and the effects of drug use on the body and mind. It may also cover topics like drug addiction and treatment, drug testing, and other drug-related topics. Depending on the state you are in and the requirements of your sentencing, the marijuana class you have to take may have a specific name, like a drug awareness course or a substance abuse course.

Sometimes, you have to take this class as part of an alternative sentencing program. In these cases, you have to complete the class before you can finish your case. If you live in a state that has medical or recreational marijuana laws, you might be required to take a specific marijuana course as part of your sentencing or a certain length of class may be needed such as a four-hour class, or an eight-hour class.

Why Are People Sent to Take a Marijuana Class?

Marijuana and other drug use is harmful, both physically and mentally. It can lead to addiction, health issues, and can cause a lot of damage in someone’s life. For this reason, many countries and states have drug laws that prohibit the use of certain drugs and require people who have used drugs to take special classes. Anyone who has been convicted of a crime involving drugs, including marijuana, has to take a drug class. A judge can also order someone who has been accused of a drug-related crime to take a drug class. Judges and other court officials want to make sure that people who have used drugs, even once or for a short period of time, know how harmful it is and how to avoid it in the future. This is often why people are required to take a marijuana class. Many people who have been convicted of a crime involving marijuana use have probably used drugs before. Taking a drug class will help these people understand how harmful it is, how to avoid it in the future, and how to help others avoid it, too.

How Long Does an Online Marijuana Class Last?

The length of time of a marijuana course varies, but it is usually between four and eight hours. This is the amount of time it takes to cover the material in a marijuana course. Some courses are longer, though, depending on what state you live in and what your sentencing requirements are. The state determines how long the drug course has to be, so the length of time can vary between courses.

Why take a course online instead of in-person?

The best reason for taking an online marijuana course is that it is easy to do. You don’t have to leave your house to go to a physical location. You can log in from your computer or mobile device, any time of day or night, and complete the course. The course is also interactive so that it is more interesting than just reading a bunch of information. You can also take breaks from the coursework as you want or need to. You can break your course into segments of time that work around your schedule starting and stopping as needed.

Advent eLearning online marijuana courses

If you have been ordered to take a marijuana course, we recommend taking your course from Advent eLearning. Our courses are designed for acceptance by the courts, and we provide the certification of successful completion you need to fulfil your obligation. Advent eLearning provides options for both four hour and eight our marijuana courses. They teach students the physiological and social consequences of marijuana usage, provide an overview of marijuana laws, and teach techniques students can employ to stop using marijuana. Go to Advent eLearning today to register for your online marijuana course!

Advent eLearning courses address a variety of topics including:

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Anger Management

Animal Care

Boating & Outdoors


Conflict Resolution

Corrective Thinking

Defensive Driving

Financial Crimes

Firearm Responsibility


Hunting Responsibility

Impaired Driving

Juvenile Sexting

Life Skills




Revenge Porn



Traffic Safety

Underage Substance

Victim Impact Panel

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