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Can I Manage My Anger for Free?

Updated: Jan 15

When you get angry, it’s easy to feel out of control. You might feel like you're a victim of your own emotions and unable to manage or channel that anger. Here are some ways that won’t break the bank but can help you get moving in the right direction:

Go for a run or to the gym.

Anger can sometimes feel like you have a lot of energy coursing through your veins. What better way to work through those angry emotions than by going to the gym and hitting the heavy bag, lifting weights, or even taking a long jog? Exercise is a great outlet for pent-up energy, frustration, and anger. It also releases endorphins, chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy. It’s helpful to set a timer when exercising so you don’t overdo it and get hurt. When you’re angry, it’s easy to try to “push through it” by exercising for hours when in fact you need to scale back to avoid overdoing it and injuring yourself.

Meditate and breathe deeply.

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, it’s very easy to start feeling angry. It’s important to be able to recognize the difference in order to effectively manage your anger. When you feel anxious, you’re worried about something in your future. When you feel angry, it’s because of something that happened in the past. To help get your mind relaxed and at ease, try meditating. It’s an excellent way to get your mind and body at ease by focusing on your breath and being in the present moment. When you’re anxious or feeling angry, it’s easy to have “racing thoughts” that are very difficult to control. Meditating is a great way to slow down those racing thoughts and get your mind and body at ease again.

Engage in self-care activities such as going to the spa, getting a massage or taking a long hot shower.

Sometimes anger comes from feeling out of control, stressed and anxious. One way to get a handle on these emotions is to engage in some self-care activities like going to the spa, getting a massage or spending a long hot shower with candles and aromatherapy. Spending time on yourself and doing activities that make you feel good will help you feel more in control of your emotions and feelings. A massage is a great way to relieve stress and get rid of anger and frustration. If you don’t have the money to go to a spa, you can give yourself a massage at home, or even better, ask a friend or loved one to massage you. Spending time with loved ones has also been proven to lower stress levels.

Talk to a trusted friend or family member. Don’t keep your feelings bottled up inside. Venting can be cathartic and help you feel better fast.

When you’re angry at someone, it’s easy to “bottle it up” and internalize it. This can lead to stress and anxiety, as well as depression. It’s important to “unload” your feelings and talk to a trusted friend or family member. You don’t have to confront the person you’re angry with. All you have to do is talk to someone you trust and feel comfortable confiding in. It’s cathartic to get your anger out. Plus, you’ll feel much better afterwards. You can also try writing in a journal and writing down your feelings. It’s a great way to release anger and frustration and get them out of your head.

Help others by volunteering at a shelter or food bank, etc. Doing good deeds always helps us feel better when we’re feeling bad!

It’s amazing how helping other people can help to make us feel better when we’re feeling angry. When you’re angry and frustrated, it’s easy to want to take it out on other people. It’s also easy to want to withdraw from others and not engage with people at all. One way to help you feel better when you’re angry is to help others in need. It’s a great way to channel your energy and frustration into something positive.


Anger is a normal emotion and most people have felt angry at some point in their lives. There are many ways to manage your anger without having to spend money on new clothes or a new home. Sometimes anger gets the best of us, and it can get you in trouble. If you have been given a court order to take an anger management class, or if you just want to work on your anger issues on your own, Advent eLearning is your online resource for anger management. When our courses are completed successfully, your certificate providing proof of completion can be share with the court proving that you have fulfilled your requirements. While these courses are not free, they are very affordable anger management classes you can take in the privacy of your own home, and at your own pace. Click here to go to Advent eLearning today.

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