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Common reasons why people steal

Updated: Jan 15

When people think of a criminal, they usually picture someone who’s been hardened by life or someone who is motivated by greed. But in reality, there are many different reasons why people steal. Here are some of the most common ones:

To get money for an emergency

People who live in financial distress will often do almost anything to get money. If you have an emergency, you might steal. In theory, you shouldn’t have an emergency if you have a job and enough money saved up. But sometimes you don’t have enough money to cover the costs of everyday life. If that happens to you, you might steal money to pay for your car, mortgage, or other bills. Sometimes, you might steal to cover the cost of an unexpected medical bill or car repair.

To fund a habit or addiction

Some people abuse drugs, alcohol, and other substances. These people might feel that they must steal money to pay for their habits and addictions.

To feel powerful or in control

Some people feel powerful and in control when they steal. They might have a mental illness that causes them to have delusions or a drug or alcohol problem that makes them feel more powerful.

To express frustration and anger

Sometimes, people steal because they feel frustrated. They might want to express frustration, anger, or even frustration with a loved one.

To express love and care

Some people steal to give to others. You might want to fund a loved one’s college education, pay off a debt, or even just help a friend.

What are the different ways of stealing?

People usually think of stealing in terms of taking something without permission. But there are other types of stealing that people do. Among these are: - Embezzling - This is when an employee steals from their employer. - Insider trading – This is when a person trades on inside information. - Obstruction of justice – This is when a person tries to hide evidence from the law enforcement officers. - Property theft - This is when someone takes property from someone else without permission.

What are the possible consequences of stealing?

Some of the consequences people face if they steal are: - Shame and embarrassment - Jail time - Social isolation and alienation - Interference with educational, employment, and other opportunities - Financial difficulties - Lack of trust in others - Interference with relationships with loved ones - Lack of self-confidence - Physical danger - Negative impact on future relationships and/or employment - Negative impact on future opportunities

If you are caught for misdemeanor theft, you may avoid jail time and have the opportunity to remove the theft charge from your record with a diversion or alternative sentence. In this case the court usually requires that you take an anti-theft class. If the court has ordered you to take an anti-theft class, Advent eLearning has the online solution you need to fulfil your obligation with the court providing certification of your successful completion of our online course. Go to Advent eLearning today to enroll in your online anti-theft class.

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