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Earn Your Court Ordered Animal Care Course Certificate

Our court ordered certificate program is designed to help individuals gain the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfill a court-mandated requirement for animal care education. This self-guided curriculum teaches participants about animal laws, responsible ownership of pets and horses, and the psychological drivers of animal hoarding.

Understanding the importance of animal care

Animal care is a critical aspect of our society, as it ensures the well-being and welfare of our beloved pets and other animals. It encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including feeding, grooming, exercising, and providing medical care. The proper care and treatment of animals not only improves their quality of life but also prevents the spread of diseases and promotes a harmonious coexistence between humans and animals.

The benefits of earning a court ordered certificate in animal care

Earning a court ordered certificate in animal care offers numerous benefits for individuals who have been assigned a course. It provides you with a recognized qualification that demonstrates your commitment to animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. This can significantly enhance your credibility with the court and can fulfill your course certification requirement upon successful completion.

Overview of Advent eLearning's animal care course

Our animal care course is specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals seeking a court ordered certificate. The course is delivered entirely online, allowing you to study at your own pace and convenience. It covers a comprehensive range of topics, including animal behavior, nutrition, health and hygiene, first aid, and ethical considerations in animal care.


Through engaging multimedia content, interactive quizzes, and practical case studies, our course ensures that you gain a better understanding of animal care principles and best practices.

The curriculum and modules covered in the course

The animal care course offered by Advent eLearning is divided into several modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of animal care. These modules include:

·       Animal Laws

·       Responsible Pet Ownership

·       Housing Dogs and Cats

·       Pets and Vehicles

·       Medical Care

·       Caring for Horses

·       Animal Hoarding

·       Final Review

Our Animal Care course was developed by Advent Staff from information published by the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys’ Animal Abuse Prosecution Project, as well as from information published by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the National Animal Control Association.

Register for your Animal Care Class today by going to and clicking on the “Start Your Course” button. Follow the simple steps presented to register for your course and to get started.


Contact Advent eLearning

If you represent a course-assigning agency, and you are interested in how Advent eLearning can benefit your agency and your clients, click here to visit our website. You can review Advent eLearning programs with no costs or obligations for your organization. Contact us today for a trial account or a guided demonstration.


Advent eLearning courses address a variety of topics including:


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