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What You Need to Know About Court Ordered Animal Care Classes

Updated: Jan 15

When you are facing a court case, there are many factors that the judge will consider. One of those factors might be your willingness to take an animal care class. This type of class is an educational course that is designed to help individuals understand the responsibilities associated with owning animals and how to care for them properly. There are many different circumstances in which a judge might order someone to complete this type of class, such as after being charged with animal cruelty or neglect. It can seem intimidating at first but taking an online animal care class from home is not as difficult as it sounds. Keep reading for more information about court-ordered animal care classes and how you can complete one from home.

What is a Court Ordered Animal Care Class?

A court-ordered animal care class is a course designed to educate the participants on important and relevant animal care topics. The length and content of each animal care class will vary depending on the jurisdiction, but in most cases, it is mandatory and must be completed within a certain time frame. The topics covered in an animal care class will vary, but they are typically focused on topics such as responsible pet ownership, local animal laws, responsible pet care, and humane animal treatment. In some areas, animal care classes are offered as part of a court-ordered sentence if someone is convicted of animal cruelty or neglect. However, they are also often used as a sentence in cases where someone is charged with a crime against animals. In this case, the judge will order the defendant to complete an animal care class as a part of their punishment.

Why Would a Judge Order an Animal Care Class?

- To Monitor Progress - Judges often order animal care classes as a part of sentencing in order to monitor the progress of an individual and make sure they are taking their assigned sentence seriously. - To Help the Defendant Learn - In addition to monitoring the defendant’s progress, a judge might also order an animal care class as a part of a sentence because they believe it will help the defendant learn more about the responsibilities of pet ownership and gain a greater appreciation for the positive impact animals can have on people’s lives. - To Keep the Public Safe - If a defendant is charged with a crime against animals, judges often order them to complete an animal care course as a part of their sentence. This is because they want to make sure that the public is safe and that the defendant is fully aware of the harmful effects of their actions, as well as how to avoid committing the same mistakes in the future. - To Give the Defendant A Second Chance - Animal cruelty and neglect cases can be difficult to prosecute, especially if there is no physical evidence, such as pictures or a video, to prove the crime. In many cases, judges will order the defendant to take an animal care class in order to give them a second chance and ensure that they are aware of how to properly care for animals going forward.

How To Find a Court Ordered Animal Care Class?

If you are facing a court case and think you might be ordered to take an animal care class, you should not wait to find a class to take. There is usually a time period in which you must complete your course, and you want to give yourself plenty of time to take it. Most courts will have a list of approved classes that you can take, so make sure you check with your local court to find out which ones are offered. The fastest and most convenient way to fulfil your court ordered obligation is to take an online class from Advent eLearning. Advent eLearning has the Animal Care Class you need along with the certification the court requires as proof that you completed the class successfully.

Tips To Remember While Taking An Online Animal Care Class

- Pay Attention to The Details - It is easy to get so focused on the end result of a court-ordered animal care class that you forget to pay attention to the details. Make sure you know what your court expects of you before you sign up for a class, and that you follow all their guidelines carefully. - Keep An Open Mind - Many people who take animal care classes report that they learned a lot from the experience and feel better equipped to take care of their pets. - Take Notes - As with any type of educational experience, taking notes and being attentive during the class can help you retain more information and be better prepared to pass the final exam. - Stay Organized - While taking an animal care class online does not require as much time or effort as a traditional class, it can still be easy to forget about the deadline or lose track of what you need to do next if you are not organized.


Taking a court-ordered animal care class is not easy, but it is possible. In most cases, you can find an online class that offers the same information as a traditional class, and you can complete it from home while still taking care of your daily responsibilities. Make sure you take the time to find a class that is approved by your jurisdiction and that you follow all the guidelines while taking it, so you can complete the course and get your animal care certificate as quickly as possible. Go to to take your online animal care class today.

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